Top Ten Places to Visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Top Ten Places to Visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana
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To those native to Fort Wayne, Indiana it is a known fact that the seemingly most exciting things here are the cornfields that follow you as you drive through the town. But while the cornfields can be beautiful in the foreground of the falling sun, there is more to this town. This week I am highlighting the top ten places, in my opinion, to visit while in Fort Wayne. This list is not only for those touring, but for those who live here and can't find anything to do for a date, a night on the town, or a weekend free.

1. Lakeside Park and Rose Garden

The Lakeside Park and Rose Garden is located downtown. It is an open venue for you to take a nice stroll through. Not only is it a place that will restore your sense of beauty in the world, but it is an excellent wedding venue as well.

2. Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Right next to The Embassy Theater is the Botanical Conservatory. Also located downtown, the conservatory has many different elements to offer including seasonal displays, a beautiful waterfall, a quiet desert garden, and a room decorated with palm trees that will make you feel just like you're down South.

3. Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum- Fairfield Hall

Located on Fairfield Avenue, this museum has many things to offer. It often has a different exhibit highlighting an author, in these exhibits it displays many different writings that the author has had published as well as the various edited ones and many different variations of the piece. It also offers a taste of history through displays of old maps and models.

4. Hyde Brother Booksellers

Located on Wells Street, Hyde's is the perfect place to feed your inner bookworm. Having been there myself on many different occasions, I can say that this store creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. This store is also home to a couple of cats (ALLERGY WARNING), who love to cuddle up to you as you sit and sample a potential buy. Hyde's Brothers have 2 different levels to the building and both are filled floor to ceiling with books.

5. Headwaters Park

The reason this park was made is to protect the citizens of Fort Wayne from flooding. The park is constructed to help the flow of the St. Mary's River and lessen the damaging effects of a flood, if one were to happen. This park is filled with beautiful, colorful trees during the fall, is a popular destination for many weddings, concerts, and events in the summer, serves as a fun ice rink in the winter, and gives the people of Fort Wayne a taste of nature and life in the Spring.

6. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This beautiful cathedral is open Monday-Sunday. It's beautiful architecture and mesmerizing 1896 German-made stain glass windows are the main focal point of this building, depicting the life of Mary.

7. Castle Gallery

The infamous Castle Gallery that resides in downtown Fort Wayne was originally built as a wedding present in 1905. The castle has been restored, yet preserved, throughout the years. It has also been stripped down to resemble a residential setting to enjoy the art in a more relaxed and natural setting. This museum will be sure to remind you of the beauty and art that is all over.

8. Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve

A little known fact is that a lot of the species that have come to live on the preserve are either threatened or endangered. The preserve strives to protect the natural environment from any further damage and to educate citizens on how to preserve our home.

9. Coney Island

The famous Coney Island restaurant of Fort Wayne has been around for so long and has made such a name for itself that you could ask anyone from the area about it and they will know exactly what you're talking about. With very few changes since the restaurant was originally established, it preserves a sense of history and pride. The staff makes a deep connection with every customer, whether it's remembering their name or remembering their order, the friendly staff will treat you like family and make you feel at home.

10. Yummi Bunni

The Yummi Bunni has received a whopping 4.5 stars in the short amount of time that it has found it's home in Fort Wayne. Since it's debut in November of 2016, Yummi Bunni has been feeding the American Dream. The owner (as shown in the picture) created this store with her husband. They wanted to create an ice cream place that was sure to rock the taste buds right off your tongue. At the Yummi Bunni you have the privilege of picking out your favorite flavor of ice cream and having it stuffed inside a nice, deep-fried donut. This new establishment has proven itself to be a hot spot on everyone's itenerary.

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