Top NBA Free Agents 2019
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Top 5 Free Agents To Look Out For In Summer 2019

Possibly the most exciting off-season is ahead of us in the NBA. Not only is Zion Williamson about to enter the big leagues, but many of the NBA's superstars are free agents this year.

Top 5 Free Agents To Look Out For In Summer 2019

The NBA hasn't been the same ever since Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are now playing in their fifth consecutive NBA Finals. However, two of the big superstars are soon to be free agents, and it isn't guaranteed that they will sign again with the same team. Many teams are now anticipating the 2019 free agency because there are going to be big moves being made. The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets both have had long droughts of winning seasons and with two max contract slots, they could easily shift the balance in the league. Here are the top five players to keep your eyes on during this year's free agency.

1. Kemba Walker


Kemba Walker has been phenomenal lately. After winning a national title for the University of Connecticut, he's shown the NBA that heart is more important than height. He averaged a career high of 25.6 points per game this previous season and has a great opportunity to sign with a big team. Personally, I think if he stays in Charlotte, he'll be wasting away his prime because his talent could definitely be utilized elsewhere.

2. Kyrie Irving


After failing to make the NBA finals two years in a row, there's no doubt in my mind that Kyrie Irving is going to leave Boston. Kyrie is known for being the sidekick to Lebron James while they were on the Cleveland Cavaliers together. However, Kyrie Irving requested to be traded and ended up on the Boston Celtics. Big basketball fans know that Kyrie is one of the most unguardable players in the NBA. I really hope to see him rejoin forces with Lebron on the Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson is undoubtedly one of the most sought after free agents this year. Being one of the two splash brothers on the Warriors, his impact has been incredible. The crazy thing is, we don't even know this guy's full potential. As of now, he shares the court with 5 other NBA All-Stars. He has a lethal jump shot from all over the court, especially the three-point line. What I want to see is how he handles a team where he is one of the focal stars. I mean, come on, we're talking about the guy that scored 37 points in one quarter.

4. Kevin Durant


If you're 6'10" with good ball-handling skills and an amazing jump shot, there's no doubt you're going to be one of the best basketball players in the league. Kevin Durant takes a lot of hate on the day to day basis but you'd be a fool to say he's not the top scorer or one of the top scorers in the NBA. He has averaged 27 points per game over the course of his career and is another one of the most unguardable players in the league. No matter what team he goes to, he will make an immediate impact.

5. Kawhi Leonard


Last but not least, it's the man himself: Kawhi Leonard. After being traded for the Toronto Raptors for one season, he's already single-handedly brought the franchise to its first ever NBA Finals. However, there are rumors that he really wants to go to Los Angeles and play with Lebron. I'm sure free agency is the last thing on his mind as he is currently battling the juggernauts who are the Golden State Warriors. Kawhi won defensive player of the year back to back seasons and it's needless to say that he is the most important free agent coming into this future offseason.

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