The 5 Most Welcoming Youtubers Creating Content Right Now
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The 5 Most Welcoming Youtubers Creating Content Right Now

4. AlishaMarie

The 5 Most Welcoming Youtubers Creating Content Right Now

Until a couple years ago is when I really started getting into YouTube. I had heard of a few big YouTubers and seen a few videos here and there but nothing serious. It wasn't until 2016 when I subscribed to my favorite YouTubers and started watching their videos like I watched my favorite series on Netflix-- binging on all their videos. The hardest part waiting for them to post a new video.

At this point I think I watch YouTube more then Netflix and have abandoned previous shows and replaced it with vlogs mainly-- those are my favorite type of videos. I love these you tubers because they are putting out content that shows their genuine selves they're not putting out videos just to do so, to get views. There's something so welcoming about all their videos that just puts you in a good mood and I really love being able to watch that. Here are some of my current favorites:

1. Jess and Gabriel

This Australian-American husband and wife couple living in LA vlogs their life with their golden doodle pup Milo. Theirs very down to earth and genuinely nice people. They can sing, have nice videography skills (especially Gabe who shows his passion for the craft on his own channel) and act. They even went on tour last year singing songs from their album 'Under the Covers' and last month took our their first christian album. Their very sweet, funny and such godly oriented people. I followed their vlogs since the beginning when they were still doing long distance. It's been amazing seeing their relationship grow and be a part of that.

2. Sierra and Alex

What was once Sierra Furtado vlogs became Sierra and Alex once they started dating. These two LA-based lifestyle, fashion youtube and fashion model started their vlog to give people an insight to their daily life. From traveling, to fashion events, unboxing and at home videos every vlog is different and packed with cute footage of Louis, the newly engaged couples' fluffy cat.

3. Kristin Johns

This Florida native husband-wife duo currently lives in LA with their two golden retrievers, Honey and Camper. Both have their separate channels, Marcus putting his acting and production skills to work and Kristin, doing more lifestyle and fashion-based videos. But come together to vlog their lives everything from home tours, cooking, trips, playing with their dogs and events. There's no couple sweeter than these two and just like Jess and Gabriel they are a very god-based couple.

4. AlishaMarie

Alisha Marie, a California-native is one of the biggest lifestyle and fashion vloggers. She has been doing YouTube for some years now back when YouTube was only a few people. Her make-up and fashion videos took off and she now does skit-like videos on her main channel. Then got into vlogging which she does on her channel, AlishaMarieVlogs. Giving insight into her LA-life taking us to her fashion events, travels, how she edits her videos, home decor and my favorite the endless Target runs. A very lively and spirited person Alisha always has the best videos including her sister who she lives with, Ashley who is also a YouTuber and their dog Chloe a maltese mix.

5. Our Tiny Tribe

This cute British couple recently expanded their family bringing a pup, Tilly into their family and this past February welcomed a baby girl named Daisy. Based in Brighton, England the newly engaged couple, Ebony and David take you into their lives everything from walks in the park, parenting, trips to London, adventures with friends, shopping and life in their quaint little home. Everyone should check out this sweet, godly family's channel you won't regret it!

These are just to name a few of my favorites; let me know if I should do another article with more of my favorites and tell me what YouTubers are your favorites!!

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