Top 10 Reasons to Watch Instinct on CBS
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Top 10 Reasons to Watch Instinct on CBS

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Top 10 Reasons to Watch Instinct on CBS

10. Based on a (not) true story

Whether you know him from his YA series such as "Maximum Ride" and "Witch & Wizard, or his adult novels like "Along Came A Spider", James Patterson is an author with over 147 publishes novels and 114 New York Times bestsellers. The show "Instinct" is based on his "Murder Games" series, but don't worry; there's no need to read the book in order to enjoy the show.

9. Diversity

It's important to support shows with diverse casts and characters, and "Instinct" certainly fits the bill. Not only does it feature a WOC Mayor, an Indian CIA brainiac, and another WOC Lieutenant, it's two leads are a woman detective and a gay ex-spy! Not to mention guest appearances by Whoopi Goldberg as Dylan Reinhart's blunt and hard-hitting editor. If you're looking for a departure from the usual, bland network line up, look no further.

8. Humor

"Instinct" is a drama series, not a comedy show, but despite the somewhat heavy material (it is about serial killers) Reinhart and Needham's banter will have you laughing at times you didn't think possible.

7. Daniel Ings

If you're a Netflix binger you might recognize him from "Lovesick" or "The Crown", if not, you might know him from "Eddie the Eagle". Regardless of whether or not you recognize his face, it's one that's more than easy on the eyes, and his role as the talented Mr. Cumming's husband Andy is yet another reason to watch!

6. Naveen Andrews

Mr. Andrews' roles are almost too many to mention, including Sayid from "Lost", Jonas from "Sense8", and for any Grindhouse fans, Abby from "Planet Terror". In "Instinct" he takes on the role of Dylan Reinhart's contact, Julian, a man of mystery I'm personally dying to learn more about.

5. Bojana Novakovic

With roles in "Westworld", "I, Tonya", and the infamous "Devil" under her belt, Ms. Novakovic's skills as an actress can be summed up by the fact that I had no idea she was from Yugoslavia until I watched a behind the scenes interview with her. Her talent is second only to her enthusiasm for the role of Lizzie Needham, which shows both on and off screen.

4. Alan Cumming

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Alan Cumming fan, but even those who know nothing about him will appreciate his latest role as ex-CIA agent turned professor. His eyebrows alone deserve an Emmy, and his camaraderie with his co-star Ms. Novakovic brings new depth to both their characters.

3. The Plot

At the time of writing this, I've only seen one episode, but it not only kept me on the edge of my seat but left me hungry for more. "Instinct" has something for everyone, whether you like standoffs, shootouts, or sassy one-liners. You bond with the characters from the get-go, and after only 30 minutes, you're cheering them on as they take strides forward (albeit often into danger).

2. The Plot Twists

This earned it's own category because I personally pride myself on being able to guess what's going to happen, and I still didn't predict what the show had planned. Obviously, I can't (won't) go into details here, but it is refreshing to have a murder mystery that actually upholds the "mystery" part of the deal.

1. The Characters

The reason this reason is higher than plot isn't that the plot is lacking, but rather because the characters are so fascinating that you could sit and watch them make toast while still being entertained. As a college student, I'm not one to get excited about class, but seeing a snippet of Professor Reinhart's lectures makes me wish I could jump through my TV and attend them, even if it was just to audit the course!


The suits.

Dear God the suits.

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