To The Little Dog That Made My Family's House A Home Again

To The Little Dog That Made My Family's House A Home Again

Forever grateful for this little guy's presence...


Following my family and I's dog, Oscar's passing, the home in which we live was sad and uncompleted compared to when we had Oscar. When I would return home from college the overall vibe in the house did not feel the same.

My dad and I started to discuss possible options for getting a new dog and that included going to one of the local shelters and adopting one. I really was particular about wanting a puppy, however, it did not work in my favor and that I am grateful for. Chip " was my mom and dad's choice via the internet.

When my dad visited the shelter he knew immediately that "Chip" was the right fit for our family. He is an 18lb mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a dachshund. He is around one year old and he is the most spunky little guy you'll ever meet. He embodies every single quality you could possibly aspire to have in your new found pup.

His background includes him being found in a food lion parking lot abandoned by his previous owner. He loves his home and I believe that he is grateful that we found him as well. It truly angered me as to why someone would want to abandon such a worthy pup. He has an immense amount of qualities that make him both low maintenance and easy to adore.

With all of this being said, I am all for finding a breeder and selecting a dog that you want. However, finding Roscoe was the most exciting and rewarding process ever. The thought of Roscoe being put down or placed into a home that is not suited for him breaks my heart.

I would advise if you are looking for a new pup to check out your local shelter before you look to scope out breeders!

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Cover Image Credit: My Sweet Puppy

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