How It Feels To No Longer Be The Smart Kid

To The Student Who Realized They're Not The Smart Kid Anymore

"I've always been at the top of my class, I don't know what happened."


School is a controversial matter in many aspects: its systematic approach in teaching, stiff curriculum, pacing, and uneven financial allocations nationally, all compounded by a rise in inefficient teaching and student stress. There's no surprise that from society forcing your square person into fitting a perfectly shaped circle applicant, you'd begin to feel pressured and overworked. In fact, from as young as you can remember, it's all you've ever done: worked to become perfectly rounded.

But once you've finally achieved and perfected your curves, found success at the top and won the prize of a diploma: going to another school with just as rounded, just as perfect circle people is only inevitable. You find that you're no longer able to hold your top position anymore and your edges become rugged from being worn out. Easily getting by from skimming and day of preparation no longer cuts the surface and you're plummeting. Falling faster and faster down the pyramid of deemed "success" and I understand you're afraid; you don't want to tarnish the mindset others have about you for being a leader, a natural born scholar. I understand.

But I also understand the consequences.

Even though it may be hard, it's not a sign of weakness or incompetence to ask for help. It's not worth showing off and no longer possible to boast your success from no preparation; although thrown within the deep end, it's time to use your intellect to learn to swim: the journey taken to do so doesn't have to be alone. Instead of cutting your own corners to fit society's mold, its time you cut society's corners: invent new ways to combat difficult tasks, learn and master your own studying regime, realize your true potential, and the pay off of hard work.

Don't be discouraged by your mistakes at first: it's all natural. No person is perfect, so don't construct impossible expectations for yourself. Realize your small victories and grow: only then will your talents be tamed and will you slowly grow again, this time, into your own unique shape that society will take with open arms.

I believe in you, even if you don't within yourself. One day you'll walk across that stage again, accept your diploma and be let loose into the world. No longer will you relying on luck, but purely on your mastered capabilities: confidence will be radiating from your form, perfect or not.

But for now, just take a breath, relax, and start again.

You got this.

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10 Things Anyone Who Has A Sibling At A Different Stage Of Life Knows To Be True

Little siblings can be pesky, but that's part of the fun.


While I am going into my final year of undergrad, my sister will be completing her final year of middle school. We are nine years apart, and sometimes that can be hard. We disagree on a lot, she prioritizes different things than I do, but we're still sisters. We do sisterly things, and even though we don't always agree, we still love each other.

So, here are 10 things anyone with a sibling in a different life stage knows.

1. You get to watch them grow up

With a large age difference, you get to watch them figure things out and go through the stages of life you've already completed. You can offer your eternal wisdom and see the kind of person they grow into.

2. It can be hard to relate to them

A downside to the big age difference, it can be hard to relate to your sibling. Their middle and high school drama doesn't compare to the things you go through in college or even in your high school days.

3. Their middle school experience is very different from yours

When you went to middle school, everyone looked rough and fashion was non-existent. Now, if girls don't wear makeup, there's something wrong with them. You didn't wear makeup until junior year of high school, and still, rarely wear it. But she does her eyebrows and hair every day.

4. They still beg you to play with them

If your sibling still plays with dolls or action figures, they still beg you to play with them. It doesn't matter how busy you are, they will constantly ask until you finally concede. But you lowkey enjoy it, as long as they don't know that.

5. Your room will become theirs when you move out

I have the biggest room of my siblings, and my sister already has paint pallets, furniture, and a whole blueprint picked out when I move out of the house next year. She's very eager and excited to take over my room.

6. They follow you everywhere

My sister follows me everywhere. I go into my room, she's up there minutes later. I sit on the couch she's leaning against me and we're sharing a cushion. There is no such thing as personal space with a younger sibling.

7. Anything you don't want, they take

When I got a new laptop, I didn't know what to do with my old one. She immediately took it. I want to sell my old iPod touch, but my sister has had her eyes on it for years. She had a habit of going into my room and taking my things when she was younger, and she still does.

8. They show off in front of your friends

I've been friends with my BFFs for decades, and my sister still shows off in front of them. There's no need for her to do that, but she must have her presence known. She's getting better, but it used to be so annoying.

9. You get to live vicariously through them

I'm excited to see my sister attend her first homecoming, winter formal, and prom. I want to see her experience all of the joys of high school, so long as she skips the drama I had.

10. You wouldn't want it any other way

Yeah, the age difference can be tough, but I wouldn't want it to be different. If my mom had a boy or had a third child three years earlier, everything would be different. And I think it's pretty perfect as is.

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9 Extremely Underrated Netflix Shows And Movies That Will Keep You Up Until 3:00 AM This Summer

This is NOT a generic list recommending "Riverdale" or "Grey's Anatomy".


Summer without Netflix is like winter without snow. This listicle contains some of the hidden gems of Netflix many have never heard of. Some of these shows/movies are often overlooked, but once you click on it, your life will forever be changed (at least for the month you watch it). Enjoy watching these when you get bored of the mainstream shows/movies.

1. "The Fosters"

The Fosters is an excellent fast paced teen/family drama. The show revolves around a non-traditional family of two moms, a biological son, adopted twins and two foster kids; the characters seem to be on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Character development and dialogue is on point, and the plot is well thought out. My all-time favorite show!

2. "Bates Motel"

A woman and her son move into a foreclosed motel for a fresh start after her husband was murdered. Once they move into the motel, an unfortunate occurrence changes their lives forever. Can they get away with murder? Even though I started watching this show today, I am absolutely intrigued. From the very first scene, the show has kept me on the edge of my seat.

3. "Friend Request"

Laura, a popular and friendly girl in college, gets a friend request from a weird girl she met recently named Marina; Marina has no followers on Facebook, and her posts are odd. Maria becomes obsessed with Laura, leading to a fallout, and Marina commits suicide the same weekend.

Once students return to school, their professor informs them of Marina's death. Later that day, a video of Marina's suicide was uploaded on Laura's Facebook. Watch the movie to find out how Laura starts off with 800 followers on Facebook and ends up with zero, just like Marina.

4. "Quicksand"

Whenever a friend asks for a Netflix recommendation, I always say "Quicksand" very enthusiastically, but I also warn them that this is a dark series with mature subjects. This series is originally Swedish, but the version on Netflix is dubbed in English. The series starts with Maria being arrested for first-degree murder; the events leading up to the shooting are revealed through suspenseful flashbacks.

It is a quick watch with only six fast paced episodes, and the ending will not disappoint you. Just a heads up that this series has nothing to do with quicksand; it is just a metaphor for how Maria got herself into situations which were hard for her to get out of.

5. "Love, Rosie"

Best friends Rosie and Alex have grown up together, but the challenges they encounter distance them. Will they be able to make it back to each other before it is too late? You will not regret watching this pleasant yet slightly cheesy romantic comedy.

6. "American Vandal"

27 faculty cars are vandalized the day of a staff meeting, and class clown Dylan Maxwell is accused and expelled for the crime. Peter and Sam investigate to fill in the holes of the story. Was Dylan really behind the crime? Was the eye-witness lying?

American Vandal is a mockumentary, more specifically a parody of the true crime show Serial. Even though it is a parody, every watcher wants to find out what really happened the day of the staff meeting.

7. "Criminal Minds"

A group of highly qualified FBI agents in Quantico investigate crimes all over the United States. From serial killers to homicides, the agents dig deep to get to the bottom of these perplexing cases.

8. "Atypical"

Sam, a high schooler on the autism spectrum, goes on a journey of love and self-discovery. With comedy, drama and romance everyone will find something they love about this show.

9. "Young and Hungry"

Young and Hungry revolves around the on-again-off-again relationship between Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Josh and his chef Gaby. This hilarous sitcom is drama filled and will not fail to make you laugh.

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