How It Feels To No Longer Be The Smart Kid

To The Student Who Realized They're Not The Smart Kid Anymore

"I've always been at the top of my class, I don't know what happened."

School is a controversial matter in many aspects: its systematic approach in teaching, stiff curriculum, pacing, and uneven financial allocations nationally, all compounded by a rise in inefficient teaching and student stress. There's no surprise that from society forcing your square person into fitting a perfectly shaped circle applicant, you'd begin to feel pressured and overworked. In fact, from as young as you can remember, it's all you've ever done: worked to become perfectly rounded.

But once you've finally achieved and perfected your curves, found success at the top and won the prize of a diploma: going to another school with just as rounded, just as perfect circle people is only inevitable. You find that you're no longer able to hold your top position anymore and your edges become rugged from being worn out. Easily getting by from skimming and day of preparation no longer cuts the surface and you're plummeting. Falling faster and faster down the pyramid of deemed "success" and I understand you're afraid; you don't want to tarnish the mindset others have about you for being a leader, a natural born scholar. I understand.

But I also understand the consequences.

Even though it may be hard, it's not a sign of weakness or incompetence to ask for help. It's not worth showing off and no longer possible to boast your success from no preparation; although thrown within the deep end, it's time to use your intellect to learn to swim: the journey taken to do so doesn't have to be alone. Instead of cutting your own corners to fit society's mold, its time you cut society's corners: invent new ways to combat difficult tasks, learn and master your own studying regime, realize your true potential, and the pay off of hard work.

Don't be discouraged by your mistakes at first: it's all natural. No person is perfect, so don't construct impossible expectations for yourself. Realize your small victories and grow: only then will your talents be tamed and will you slowly grow again, this time, into your own unique shape that society will take with open arms.

I believe in you, even if you don't within yourself. One day you'll walk across that stage again, accept your diploma and be let loose into the world. No longer will you relying on luck, but purely on your mastered capabilities: confidence will be radiating from your form, perfect or not.

But for now, just take a breath, relax, and start again.

You got this.

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