Thoughts on Black Lives Matter
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Thoughts on Black Lives Matter

Why the movement is focusing on the wrong problem.

Thoughts on Black Lives Matter
Star Tribune

After the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Black Lives Matter protests - both violent and peaceful - have erupted across the country.

But I wonder - why are the only black lives mourned and protested those taken by police?

A little bit of research shows that while very few people are killed by police anyway and most of these are justifiable and do not cause nationwide controversy, far more whites are killed every year by cops - about double the number of African-Americans killed. A big problem is that the media blows up the story of every black person killed by a police officer, no matter what it is for. Without doing outside research, as many people of all races don't do, one would be led by the media to believe that cops only shoot blacks, when of course that is not the case. Police shootings cause only of black deaths, and this includes blacks shot by black cops.

Why doesn't Black Lives Matter protest the things that are really taking black lives?

The abortion industry murders about 1,800 black babies every day. These children never got to grow up and become doctors, politicians, judges, reporters, police officers, or military generals. Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, was very racist and began abortion practices at her clinics primarily for the "extermination" of black children. She opened these clinics in poor, predominantly black areas, believing that the mothers would see abortion as a better option than trying to afford to keep a child. Why is Black Lives Matter not protesting an organization that was literally founded just to wipe them out?

Speaking of children, however, far too many black children grow up in broken homes. Too many fathers are absent, which can put children of any race at higher risk. No man should be out protesting with Black Lives Matter unless they have stayed to raise their child rather than running away from their responsibility as soon as the baby was born. I am sure these single mothers do the best they can, but it is hard to play both roles, causing her not to be as involved in what their child is doing.

If there is still a fear of police, these mothers should push for a class in the local public schools to teach children how to speak to a police officer and behave when approached or pulled over. Respect needs to be taught at home, but if it is not done due to either negligence or just not having enough time to spend with the children, then activists should seek the help of public schools to make sure every child knows appropriate behavior towards those in authority and law enforcement.

Violent gang crime accounts for very many black murders. African-Americans are a minority in the population, but they are the group with the most murders on the FBI Crime Statistics chart. Black Lives Matter activists should be cleaning up their own neighborhoods, schools, and streets so that no children, no women, no more innocents will be harmed. This is particularly a problem in larger cities such as Chicago where over 60 were shot, including young children, with at least three of those shootings being fatal, over the Fourth of July Weekend, which led to the arrests of 88 gang members. The city already has 329 reported homicides for the year. The Dallas Police chief has invited protestors to come fill out job applications so they can be placed in their own neighborhoods and solve problems, and if these protestors really cared about the real problems plaguing black people and their communities, each one would go apply.

Black Lives Matter should be disgusted by abortion, children being raised with fathers who do not care, and gang crime. It disgusts me. If black communities would stand together against these problems, black children would be at far lower risk of ending up dead or in serious trouble, and their neighborhoods would be safer places to live. Abortion and black-on-black crime is how most black lives are taken, and those significantly bigger problems need to be addressed first then watch the smaller ones take care of themselves.

Black lives absolutely do matter, but we need to be focusing on the things that are really putting blacks at risk and killing them everyday, not the race-baiting crap that the media puts out there.

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