How far would you go to take down a coworker you detest? Would you risk corrupting your morals and values? If yes, you're in the same boat as a Michigan engineering company employee.

The 47 year old woman, whose name was not released, prepared laxative-laced brownies to give to a departing coworker. When another coworker of hers informed management about the action, Saline police got involved.

Jerrod Hart, the chief police, said that on May 3rd, officers confiscated the brownies that no one (thankfully) had a chance to eat. At first, the woman denied that she put laxatives in the brownies but quickly retracted her statement after learning that investigators would test them.

Officers were informed by employees that there was tension between the woman and the departing coworker but specifics weren't divulged. According to Hart, the woman doesn't face any charges since no one ate the brownies.