8 Things To Do During Spring Break
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8 Things To Do During Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner!

8 Things To Do During Spring Break
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Ah, Spring. The temperatures are rising, the waters are getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. Spring is such a great time of year and everyone is itching to go out and do something before summer really brings in the heat. Here are some things to do during the famous and glorious week off, known as Spring Break:

Go to the beach.

It wouldn't be Spring Break without a wild beach trip with the crew. Grab your best buddies, rent a house or apartment at the beach, and soak up those sun rays. Just not too much. You don't want to get sunburnt before Summer starts.

Go to the mountains.

Switch it up and go somewhere cold. Find a nice cozy ski resort or borrow a distant relative's cabin for the week and have some snowy adventures.

Spend time with your family.

You may not want to go to the far edges of the Earth for Spring Break. You may just want to stay close to your roots. Whether you're chatting with your parents over dinner or playing board games with your siblings, having family time is always revitalizing.


Nobody seems to like road trips anymore and I don't understand why. Open road, friends, upbeat songs to sing your lungs out too, and the excitement building as you approach your destination. Who could complain about that? Plus, if things do happen to go wrong, it sure makes for a great story.

Visit historical sites.

If parties and trips aren't really your thing, look up some historical sites around your area and delve into the past. You'll learn a thing or two, get a nice walk, and see some beautiful sites. It's a very relaxing alternative.

Catch up with friends.

Visit those friends you haven't seen in ages. Go to a movie or go grab a coffee and talk about all that's happened recently and laugh about things of the past.

Go on a hike.

Week long adventures may not be your thing so get outdoors for a little while and go on a relaxing hike. Nature is good for you.

Just rest.

College is grueling. Catch up on some sleep, eat some good food, and just rest. Don't feel like you're wasting your Spring Break if you just stay at home all week. It's very healing and will leave you feeling revitalized before finals.

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