5 Fall Things To Do Based On My Zodiac Sign

5 Fall Things To Do Based On My Zodiac Sign

I mean it's a new year might as well start it off by doing new things...am I right?


I am an Aries and I have been researching different fall things to do based on my zodiac sign...these are some of the things i have come up with!

1. Go to a haunted house.

First of all, if anyone knows me...you all know I absolutely hate being scared and haunted houses and anything of that nature! So this one may be a little bit iffy to do!

2. Run a marathon.

Well with the way I have been going on this fitness journey a marathon just might have to happen!

3. I could ride a ferris wheel with some friends.

Whoa whoa whoa... I don't know about this one either... I don't like heights! It's a new year so maybe ill send it!

4. Wear a fur coat and start a new trend.

Yeah, I am not really one for fur coats, so this one is definitely not happening, but I mean if fur coats are your thing I say go for it!

5. Find a boyfriend that is either Leo or Sagittarius.


I mean it is a new year and I am all for trying new things so why not give these all a shot am I right?!

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11 Things That Give You All the Autumn Feels

No, I will not be talking about pumpkin spice anything.

Yes, fall is my favorite season. Many people can relate, but it's my favorite for a variety of reasons.

1. Sweaters

Nothing feels better than being able to wear a big, thick, and extremely soft piece of clothing.

2. The Halloween section at the store

This gives me so much excitement, especially when they have a huge selection of adult Halloween costumes. And who doesn't love to decorate for this holiday?

3. The changing colors of the leaves

This spectacle is so beautiful. Not to mention, fall leaves make some amazing backdrops for pictures.

4. Scary movie marathons

I absolutely love doing this on any given day, so when they put scary movies on TV (especially the classic ones like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th") who doesn't get pumped?

5. Hot drinks and cozy vibes

Coffee, cold weather, reading, or movie marathons with the people you love always makes for a great time.

6. Darker shades of lipstick

Yes, I will wear that dark red lipstick. And yes, I absolutely love it.

7. Colder weather

The cold and crisp morning air makes going to my 8 am math class a little more bearable.

8. Pumpkins

Maybe a little obvious, but I love carving pumpkins and just seeing them everywhere. Especially if I get to go to a pumpkin patch and pick one out.

9. Perfect reading weather

The colder weather is the perfect excuse to curl up in bed with a cozy blanket and some coffee and immerse yourself in a different world.

10. Not melting from the summer heat

I would much rather be cold and have to wear a coat than sweat to death in 90-degree weather. Hence why I go to school in the mountains.

11. Family time

Fall always makes me think of time spent with my family doing traditions that we've done since I was a kid. It makes me feel a lovely coziness. Plus, I love seeing my family.

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