5 Fall Things To Do Based On My Zodiac Sign

I am an Aries and I have been researching different fall things to do based on my zodiac sign...these are some of the things i have come up with!

1. Go to a haunted house.

First of all, if anyone knows me...you all know I absolutely hate being scared and haunted houses and anything of that nature! So this one may be a little bit iffy to do!

2. Run a marathon.

Well with the way I have been going on this fitness journey a marathon just might have to happen!

3. I could ride a ferris wheel with some friends.

Whoa whoa whoa... I don't know about this one either... I don't like heights! It's a new year so maybe ill send it!

4. Wear a fur coat and start a new trend.

Yeah, I am not really one for fur coats, so this one is definitely not happening, but I mean if fur coats are your thing I say go for it!

5. Find a boyfriend that is either Leo or Sagittarius.


I mean it is a new year and I am all for trying new things so why not give these all a shot am I right?!

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