The Whole “Being Evicted” Thing

When I first heard about The Music Man coming to Broadway, I was excited. When I heard that it would star Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, I freaked out. I loved Hugh Jackman in Les Mis, and I've seen him in Oklahoma, but to be honest, Sutton was the main reason I freaked out. Sutton has been one of my favorite actresses and a role model for the past seven years.

The Music Man was the first show I auditioned for at my community theater. I was nine at the time and ended up being on the costume crew. When my theater did The Music Man, they were in the process of renovations, so the show was put on at a local college campus. What I loved so much about this show, is that everyone in the crew got to be part of the band in the last scene. I fell in love with sewing and costumes during that show, and it finally got me involved and on stage. Until that show I had only participated in camps at this theater.

I grew up watching Sound of Music, The King and I, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, and The Music Man. It has always been one of my favorites. Getting the chance to be in it and have it be the show that, in a way, changed my life, made it even more important to me.

But on that not, when I heard that Beetlejuice was getting evicted from the Winter Garden because The Music Man needed the theater, I was furious. I am sooo excited for The Music Man to come to Broadway, especially with Sutton and Hugh, however, Beetlejuice is not the show to take over. I know that Beetlejuice is looking for a new theater, I know that it's in their contract, but it's still not fair.

When Beetlejuice first came to Broadway I was a little skeptical. I love the movie, but I wasn't sure how it would transform and take to the stage. Then I started to hear parts of the songs. I'ma little embarrassed to admit where I was hearing the clips, but I'll still tell you. It was on tiktok. I started to hear snippets of the songs and finally caved and listened to the album. I fell in love and may be slightly obsessed.

Beetlejuice is such an amazing show and it is doing so well. Beetlejuice is not the show to get evicted. Why is the Winter Garden so important to Music Man?

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