The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life
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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Some general ideas for anyone and everyone.

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life
Allie Slagter

With the holidays quickly approaching everyone has gifts on their mind. Since a young age, my parents required my brother and me to buy gifts for all of our family members each year. I remember not quite understanding why this was important when I was younger, but now I understand it's even more important than whatever winds up under the tree for me.

As the years have passed, I've always prided myself on being able to find something special for everyone. I like to give everyone something they're going to use, but most importantly something they'll enjoy. Below I've compiled a list of different things for everyone in your life.

Each list includes a range of items in a variety of different prices and some personal example of gifts I've bought in the past. Also please feel free to use any of these ideas for anyone in your life, I catered the list around my own personal experience.

1. Mom

An at home "spa" kit

A great idea for your mom is making a gift box of different self-care beauty items. This idea was inspired by the fact my mom would always try stealing my stuff. Some things you could include are a pair of fuzzy socks, face masks, bath bomb, lip scrubs, lotion, shower gel, any other Lush or Bath and Body Works products, a massage or spa gift card, makeup, and anything else you're mom would like.

A Cookbook

If your mom is anything like mine, then she's obsessed with The Food Network. My mom loved watching any and every cooking show, so getting her one of their cookbooks is always a good idea. Last year I combined two of my mom's favorite things, food, and "Gilmore Girls." One of the things I bought my mom was "The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls". There are other cookbooks dedicated to different fandoms, so don't be afraid to do some research.


You can't go wrong with some shiny and sparkly for your mom. Just make sure it's her style.

Robe and Slippers

If you want to go with something simple, then a new fluffy robe and a pair of cute slippers is definitely the way to go.

Framed Photos

Whether it's a family portrait, a picture of you and your siblings, or a picture of the family dog, your mom is bound to love it.

2. Dad 

Sports Paraphernalia

You can't go wrong with anything from his favorite team.

College Merch

My dad has always been a bigger college sports fan anyway, so getting him anything Northwestern (his alma mater) is a guaranteed success.

Something to Support Their Hobbies

Whether it's sports, cars, video games, or something nerdier (like my dad) they're bound to love it. This can range from anything from golf balls to some new paint brushes or anything in between.

Their Favorite Movie

This is a go-to gift they're guaranteed to love.

New Phone Case

If your dad is anything like mine this is something they aren't going to buy themselves. My dad tends to buy the first one he sees in the store and then wait until we get new phones, but getting him one with a little more thought behind it is bound to please. One year I got my dad a Northwestern one from Redbubble.

Metal Water Bottle

Whether it's a coffee cup or a water bottle, something insulated will definitely impress him.

3. Grandma

Throw Blankets

My Grandma always loves to be wrapped in a blanket so getting her a new fuzzy one is always a good move. One year I got her a snuggie and a couple years later a Vera Bradley throw.


No matter the women in your life, something sparkly is always a good idea.

Bubble Bath or Bath Bombs

I'm sure my grandma isn't the only one who likes to pamper herself, but she definitely isn't aware of all the cool products out there. Getting her a fancy bubble bath, bath bomb, a bubble bar, or something else is a very good idea.


My grandma loves getting all the help she can when it comes to accessorizing so splurging and getting her a handbag is for sure going to make a great gift.

Nail Polish

I know my Grandma relies on her Grandchildren to help keep her on trend, so even something as simple as a pretty nail polish color can do just that.

Gift card to Her Favorite Restaurant

My grandparents love to go out to eat, so this is a great way of being able to treat them to a nice meal out.

4. Grandpa

College Paraphernalia

My grandparents really value education and Grandpa couldn't be prouder of where his children and grandkids went to school. His favorite way to show off to his friends is wearing different shirts from each college, so it's a perfect go-to gift.


What's more iconic than a grandpa drinking a hot beverage on Christmas morning while watching everyone open their gifts?

Magazine Subscriptions

I know my grandpa loves reading his different magazine so finding one that's perfect for your grandpa is something I'd highly recommend.

Favorite Candy

My grandparents can't be the only ones with a sweet tooth, right? After my Grandpa would continuously steal my candy (and he noticed me giving him the evil eye) I decided to buy him his own bag for the holidays.

Framed Photograph

Grandparents always love pictures of all their grandkids or the entire family, so that will always please. However, I know my grandpa is really into art so one year I had his favorite photo from my AP photo concentration framed for him.

Puzzles and Games

My Grandpa's personal favorite is Suduko so we've gotten him different books and calendars with the game throughout the years.

5. Sister or Female Best Friend or Girlfriend

Bluetooth Headphones

If they're anything like me then they hate the debacle of having to chose to charge your phone or wear headphones. These are especially useful late at night when my phone is dying and my roommate is home, but I want to watch something on my phone. Apple's AirPods are always a way to go if you don't know their style well enough.

Bath and Body Works or Lush Products

This is an incredibly good gift if they're still in college. After months with communal bathrooms, something special to pamper herself will be greatly appreciated.

Redbubble Stickers

These are perfect for decorating anything including your laptop, water bottles, notebooks, or phone case. They are really good quality and you can literally get them in anything the person likes. Also, the person can favorite a bunch of designs on the website for you to choose from.

Nail Polish

Personally, I'm obsessed with nail polish so this is always a good option for me.


If she's into makeup, then something new for her collection is definitely the right move.

New Straightener or Curling Iron

If you aren't sure what makeup items to get them but know they're into beauty a hair product might be the safest way to go.


No girl will ever say no to clothing they don't have to pay for themselves.

Sorority and College Merch

This is a perfect way to buy any girl more clothing when you don't quite know what they want.


Again something sparkly will always please.

6. Brother or Male Best Friend or Boyfriend 

Their Favorite Movie

Guys are always down to watch their favorite movie, so why not buy it for them.

Bluetooth Headphones

As I said above, these are perfect for anyone.

Shoes and Clothing

Want to see the guys in your life wearing something different, then this is the perfect time to buy it for them.

Video Games

Just do it, enable their video game addictions even more.

Collectible Shot Glasses

Any type of drinking paraphernalia is going to be a good gift. However, if your family is a little more strict, then a collectible decoration might be the way to do.

Favorite Food or Candy

A way to any guy's heart is through their stomach.

Dart Board, Indoor Basketball Hoop, or Some Other Room Decor

No matter how old the guy is, there's still a little kid in him, so getting them a toy is the perfect way to go. This can be anything as small as a dart board to as large as a pool table, whatever you think he would like.

Sports Paraphernalia

Again you can't go wrong with something supporting their favorite team.

College Merch

Last, but not least, get them something to root on another one of their teams, their alma mater.

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