The time has come. The time has come to start packing it all up.The time has come to start giving out the hugs no one ever wants to end.The time has come to pack up all the things and all the memories from the past nine months into a few plastic storage bins from Walmart.

To my roommates,

Thank you for sharing my home away from home for the year. Thank you for staying up late with me talking and laughing, thank you for being such a safe and loving space. Living apart the next three months is going to be different, but it will make being back on campus in August even more exciting. Thank you for the way we greet each other when we return from anywhere, it can make some of the longest and most gruesome days just a little bit better, but the time has come.

To my friends,

Thank you for making it easy to become family when not too long ago we were complete strangers. Thank you for forcing me to try new things, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and always being there with open arms. Being away from home isn't easy, but good friends relieve this weight just enough. I've loved every memory made with each of you this year and can't wait for more next year, but the time has come.

To my campus,

Thank you for your beauty and for being the best decision I could have ever made. Thank you for all of your opportunities and new faces that you provide for me. I will miss everything about you for the next months of summer, but the time has come.

The time has come. The time has come to leave it all behind for a bit. The time has come to leave that small box of a room for the next lucky student in just a few months. The time has come to squeeze your people extra tight. The time has come to say goodbye for summer and already look forward to returning in August.