The Shifts' Neighborhood-Friendly Indie Rock Shake The Blue Room
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The Shifts' Neighborhood-Friendly Indie Rock Shake The Blue Room

The Shifts officially formed in 2010 with Macks and Jeff, but they've been through a few members to finally discover their ideal evolution of the band includes Eli and Maci.

The Shifts' Neighborhood-Friendly Indie Rock Shake The Blue Room
Ashley McMurray

The Shifts officially formed in 2010 with Macks and Jeff, but they've been through a few members to finally discover their ideal evolution of the band includes Eli and Maci. In 2012, they began jamming with Eli and realized he'd be a great addition to their duo. In this era, they performed at places in Eugene, like the Wandering Goat and Cosmic Pizza.

In 2016, Maci joins to begin their more serious incarnation of the Shifts. Since Maci joined, they told me that they've been more serious about their music and have been writing more songs than they ever have before. Maci was interning at the studio where the Shifts were recording and they decided she was a necessary addition.

Eli even told me that, "Maci joining the band was a major catalyst for the Shifts."

The Shifts told me they decided to pursue music because they're all fairly awkward people, but they feel most in their element when they're on-stage performing. Eli told me, "Performing is when we shine."

"Awkwardness is part of the brand, just like the sad Tumblr boy aesthetic I had a few years ago." -Macks

"One of our fondest memories together as a band was when we opened for Pup at the WOW Hall. We had a great show and the reaction wasn't like anything we've ever been before. It was so incredibly affirming of what we're doing. So many people saw us at that show and come up to us at almost every show we play to tell us they saw us there. I even got recognized on the streets!" -Maci

"I've played in three other bands and this is the best one because of how we all fall into a comfortable groove together." -Eli

Macks decided to write the set list on his forearm, so he wouldn't awkwardly forget it during the set.

"We enjoy playing together because" *Maci continues in a silly voice* "we love each other."

"My favorite musical moment with the Shifts was winning the OSU battle of the bands. We were packing up our stuff getting ready to leave while they were making the announcements thinking there's no way we could win. The announcer had to say it twice before we even realized it was us. We thought he had misspoken."-Jeff

Macks and Jeff have known each other since they were six years old.

Maci's musical background is quite intriguing. She started playing the piano when she was six and began competing when she was ten. In her early teens, she was part of a band that got signed, but she eventually decided to leave due to artistic differences.

She's currently working on a solo project that the rest of the Shifts described as 'Lorde-esque.' Maci is self-conscious of her singing abilities, but working on this solo project with some moral support from the band really helps her.

Eli described how he thinks the Shifts lyrics are the most original, "Music communicating how we feel comes out best as being pure and genuine."

"We went from ripping off bright eyes to ripping off other artists" *laughs* -Macks

Macks has been playing music throughout his entire youth. He was even an award-winning trombone player in middle school.

*confession of love between Macks and Maci*

Upon hearing the question 'what makes you the happiest?' the band replied, in unison, 'DOGS.'

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