The Problem With Rick Scott
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Florida Will Remain Sick Until They Get Rid Of The Real Thing Plaguing Them — Rick Scott

He showed no concern as the governor of Florida, so why would he care about other people?

Rick Scott

It seems that Donald Trump, the biggest mistake in American history since Nixon and Bush, once again disgraced this nation with his vile behavior, hateful rhetoric, and the circus of clowns known as his administration. Recently, he decided to appoint Rick Scott (one of the swamp creatures that once governed the state of Florida) in charge of the healthcare push as part of Trump's disastrous agenda.

Donald Trump is intentionally nominating crooks for government positions (like this country did in the 2016 election), so he can completely ruin this country. Having Rick Scott in charge of the healthcare of Americans is literally a sick joke. This is the same guy who banned the words "climate change" in 2015. From his actions, Scott is admitting that he does not care about Florida or the people who reside there.

According to the LA Times, during his reign of terror in Florida as governor, Rick Scott was responsible for the big drop in health insurance coverage for the state of Florida. This caused 1.4 million citizens to lose their coverage because Scott refused to expand Medicaid insurance in Florida, which the residents would have gotten under the Affordable Care Act. If chosen, Scott will do to America what he did to the state of Florida.

According to the Justice Department, Scott's "largest healthcare company" turned out to be the "largest government fraud settlement in U.S. history" that ruined the lives of many Floridians. The company was known as Columbia/HCA and came under investigation by the federal government when they found out that Scott conned people out of their Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs. He also pleaded the fifth around 75 times after getting caught for these crimes.

To learn that Trump wants this guy to be in charge of his healthcare push after he committed Medicare fraud is sickening. Trump claims that the GOP will be the party of healthcare even though they do not have a healthcare plan, and defunding ACA will cause the monthly premiums of Americans to rise. If Trump's plan was to select a pathetic excuse for a human being that historically cheated many people out of their Medicare, then he found one.

The Justice Department made a list of the illegal activities that were committed by Scott's company, and they were forced to pay 1.7 billion dollars worth of penalties, damages, and fines. Scott is a terrible choice (like the other nominees chosen by Trump) and even Republicans are concerned by Trump's decision.

Despite what Trump says, Scott was a useless governor for the people of Florida and will not do any better as Senator. Republicans have not come up with a plan to replace the ACA because their goal is to ruin this country. To save themselves from this walking infection, Floridians need to vote Scott out, and if Americans want to protect their healthcare, they need to start by repealing and replacing the crooks that are scheming to take it away from them.

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