The Politics of Feeding 10 billion People
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The Politics Of Feeding Ten Billion People

As the population grows at an exponential rate, so does the need for the growing population to survive. Is the Earth prepared to sustain 10 billion?

The Politics Of Feeding Ten Billion People

Modern agriculture has allowed the millions of our country to experience a surplus of resources that centuries ago would seem as an unbelievable luxury. It's hard to imagine a life where access to avocados and other fresh food would not be available at the nearest Trader Joes. Development has spoiled us and has been innovated so greatly that we are too advanced to consider possible consequences. But what if our current system is unable to provide for the future?

The Influence of Western Food


As countries, communities, and neighborhoods become more developed, they become an immediate target for fast food companies. Communities often look at American food chains as a right of passage of being developed. Engaging in "Western" food means to be able to engage in the culture. It resembles improvement. Modern life. In a way- affluence. It may be aggressive marketing from fast food chains in these areas as they continue to develop. It may be that they are marketed to feel developed when choosing their food, or their brand. Regardless, meat consumption in previously rural areas who previously had low rates of heart disease and obesity are now having the same problems as Americans are having- because they are more often championing American food. At one point in time, feasts of meat and fatty foods were seen as signs of wealth. Why wouldn't they? In times where modern agriculture and the marketplace were far less advanced than they are today, eating fatty food sent survival reward centers of our brains into overdrive. High-calorie food is attractive because it prevents famine. But our brain isn't smart enough to turn off this drive even when we live in a time with a market surplus, with far fewer people subject to famine or lack of development.

The Vast Population of Developing Countries


The areas where some of the greatest populations are also habitat the current greatest development. As rural India and China, for example, continue to expand and race to become more metropolitan and advanced, there comes a real danger of the influence of quick, processed food. Fatty food, and meat is far less expensive to create and consume than it once was. The agriculture business has advanced to push out massive amounts of food for a low cost, but in a way that still satisfies the human cognition for food to keep us from famine. We can "feast" for cheap. But what's the catch?

It's Scary Expensive - But in a Different Way


There simply isn't enough land on the planet for every person to eat an animal product packed meal, every meal of the day. There might not be enough tax dollars to support the health care system if this is the case, also. Take for example that a cardiologist in Texas can make twice as much as cardiologists in other states of the country. Diet is related to health. And our diets influence the environment. Fatty, animal product centered food simply won't sustain our world's exponentially growing population. But how do we solve it?

Consumers Have to Drive the Change


Does the government have ties to the animal product industry? Some say so. Regardless of whether it is true or not, and who is to blame, the fundamental truth of a market is that it is driven by demand. Companies exist to make money, point blank. The interest for plant-based foods, diets, and more sustainable choices for our planet and health is rising and needs to continually rise. Although complete obstruction of the animal product industry is not realistic, and most likely a non-viable solution, the industry needs to be fundamentally changed.

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