The Month of November (as told by John Mulaney)

The Month of November (as told by John Mulaney)

Because I keep forgetting it gets dark now at 4:30 PM and have a mini-crisis every time I leave class at 4:45 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays

If I'm being honest, I am still in great disbelief that it's November already - it feels like only yesterday I was falling flat on my face in front of everyone living in Schroeder on move-in day back in August, skinning both my knees and nearly losing my key in the process. It really is "crunch time", both literally and metaphorically as a mixture of leaves and snow crunches under my shoes walking back from the library at 2 AM. The coldness of the air reminds me that Christmas is coming soon, along with everything else associated with the end of the semester, from finals and saying farewell to my best friends for a month to Friendsgiving and extended family gatherings.

November is truly a "transitional month", and there's no better way to describe it (or anything, really) with a bit of humor. Here are 7 John Mulaney quotes that have been circulating through my mind these past couple of weeks, as "spooky season" comes to a sad end and "turkey time" begins.

1) Anemics' attitude toward the cold (or anyone, honestly) when they forget their hat & gloves in 12 degree weather.

2) Leaving class at 5 PM and forgetting that it gets dark now at 4:30 PM

3) Reminiscing back to the "good old days" with your cousins and siblings at holiday dinners

4) Updating your family about your life and trying to sound accomplished....

5) ….and defending yourself when they joke about how you "haven't really done much with your life"

6) Venting to your friends about that one aunt who always tries to make you feel bad about yourself

7) I feel like this one captures everyone's mood going into finals/dead week, or trekking to class in negative-degree weather

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