The Essentials of Essential Oil
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The Essentials of Essential Oil

Essential oils have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the years. However, not all oils are created equal — some can actually be harmful.

The Essentials of Essential Oil


Essential oils have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the years. However, not all oils are created equal — some can actually be harmful.

Many companies have stocked store shelves with their own take on essential oils, but not all companies have paid heed to the rigorous checks and balances that high-quality oils must endure. LaCura has emerged as a leader in the high-quality immune boosting space with essential oils that are organic, vegan, pure, and — above all — safe.

What are essential oils?

The term "essential oil" is often used to refer to several different substances. It can mean an extract from a plant that has a strong aroma, or it can refer to any substance that's extracted from a plant and has properties that make it useful for its aroma or therapeutic effect. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways such as inhalation, topical application, as well as ingestion.

Some lesser-quality essential oils will caution people against ingesting their oils, but LaCura wears the ingestible nature of their oils as a badge of pride. “Most of our products can be ingested for a systemic effect. It's important to note, you do not want to inhale or apply an essential oil to your skin that can't be taken internally because inhaling or applying on your skin will still cause the oil to be absorbed into your circulatory system,” says LaCura co-founder Liat Chiprut.

Chiprut, a licensed pharmacist and certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and the team at LaCura have created their collection of essential oil blends after years of research on how essential oils affect a body physically and emotionally. “Our blends are unique to modern health issues and everyday needs, and we hold each product to the highest possible industry standards,” Chiprut adds.

An immunity boost

Essential oils can be a remarkable immunity booster because each blend pinpoints a specific body function for optimum health and wellness. LaCura Eucalyptus, for example, supports respiratory health, while LaCura Lemon is a detoxifier.

Essential oils contain powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that help to protect your body from infections. They also contain antioxidants which boost the immune system by reducing oxidative stress on the body's cells. In addition, many essential oils have the ability to increase circulation which helps deliver more oxygen-rich blood throughout your entire system.

LaCura’s focus has been on safety, quality, and purity, setting them apart from the bevy of companies entering the essential oils space simply to make quick money off subpar products. LaCura steers clear of synthetic fillers, which can be harmful to consumers. Their oils are certified pure therapeutic grade, with each and every product evaluated for potency and the optimal combination derived from evidence-based research.

While most people only think about boosting their immunity during cold and flu season, essential oils can be used as immunity support year-round. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, essential oils can help one build a strong immune system to fight off whatever illness may come their way. Essential oils work because they contain a high concentration of just the beneficial parts of the plants, so their therapeutic effect is more pronounced than it would be through regular consumption.

Centuries of essential use

Over the course of human civilization, people have relied on essential oils for health and wellness support, cosmetic and ointment purposes, and medicine. From ancient Egyptian and Chinese dynasties to Indigenous American tribes, civilizations have relied on the benefits of essential oils for various applications. Those benefits have stood the test of time and LaCura, with medical knowledge and scientific know-how, has happened upon a collection of oil combinations that are among the most high-quality to be brought to modern stores.

Research has shown that essential oils can have immune-boosting benefits. However, even outside of the immunity boost, essential oils can have a great positive effect on stress levels, sleep, mild discomfort, and breathing. The overall health and wellness benefits of essential oils cannot be overstated, which is likely why their use is so popular and becoming such a relied-upon part of the wellness routine of many.

For Chiprut and the LaCura team, it is all about the health and wellness of their customers. “I am seeking a better way, through a functional medicine approach and essential oils, to help my patients and clients resolve their health and wellness challenges,” says Chiprut.

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