The Escape... Hopefully!

The Escape... Hopefully!

Will the Nightmare Finally End?

Rebecca's Point of View:

Mr. Brooks has stopped bleeding but he has lost a lot of blood within the last 24 hours. He still has a bullet wound in his leg and if he moves the wrong way he can start to bleed again. He is really weak and I don't know how much time he has left. I don't care if he has a few hours or a few days left I want to be there by his side. We finally get some alone time when the gang is trying to figure out what they are going to do next.

I use all of my force to move next to Mr. Brooks, I hear his heavy breathing and use that to guide me towards him. I know I am close to him when our shoulders touch. I try to reassure him everything is going to be okay and we are going to get out of this alive. Then I say, "If we both put our heads together we might find a way to escape. I know you are in a lot of pain, but I am going to help you as much as possible."

Mr. Brooks says, "I trust you with all my heart and I know we will make it out of here alive together. I have a Swiss Army Knife in my back pocket, that should help us break the bonds."

I try to feel for his back pocket without my sight. He leans over and tries to guide me towards his back pocket. I quickly find his pocket and take the Swiss Army Knife out. With the Swiss Army Knife in my hand I flip it over to the best of my ability. I cautiously feel for the knife without cutting myself. Several minutes later I find the right tool and I start to cut my bond. Once my hands are free I take off my blindfold and I cut the bonds to my feet. When I am free I cut both of Mr. Brook's bonds and remove his blindfold. Before the blindfold hits the floor, Mr. Brooks grabs my face and kisses me with so much passion.

Mr Brooks Point of View:

As she's cutting my bonds I feel the need to kiss her, because that's all I can think about while she's trying to set me free. As soon as she takes my blindfold off this is my chance. I quickly grab her face and kiss her like I've wanted to since the first day I met her. Surprisingly she kisses me back with the same amount of passion. We kiss of what felt like hours because I didn't want to let her go and it seemed like she felt the same.

I pull away because I know we have to get out of here. We look at each other and don't say anything at first. Rebecca breaks the silence by saying, "That was nice, but we really should get going. We've wasted some time and they should be back any minute." We pull away from each other and Rebecca helps me off the floor and we head towards the door. Rebecca peaks out and no one is around so we sneak out and head towards the woods.

We slowly walk because she has to hold me up because I can't walk on my own. As we enter the woods we find some bushes and hide there for a few minutes before moving on. After what feels like several miles we reach a clearing with a deserted road.

Justin's Point of View:

After hours of discussing what we will do with them, we finally reach a conclusion that we all agree to. We are going to let them go, but we have to make a deal with them. We don't want there blood on our hands and if he dies it can be traced back to us. Then I realize I should probably check up on the two hostages to make sure the guy is still alive. As we walk towards the shed I notice the door is wide open. I run as fast as I can to see if they really did escape. When I enter the shed, all I find is the rope on the floor. And to think I was going to let them go. Then one of my members ask, "What are we going to do now, boss?"

"We have to find them, you dimwit!" Go in groups and search the area! We need to find them! They can't die because it will be traced back to us! Call me if you find anything!"

"Who's gonna go with you, boss?"

"No one, I go alone!" Then I run to my truck and start the search.

Rebecca's Point of View:

As Mr. Brooks rests on the side of the road, I try to see if any vehicles pass by. All of a sudden I see a truck in the distance and I try to wave it down. I see it slow down but as soon as I see the driver I wish we didn't stop here.

Cover Image Credit: Escape Room

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11 Must-Go To Day Trips In North Carolina

For the wanderers and curious...

It's finally summer, classes are out! There are so many things to do in this beautiful state. There are many small towns to visit. These towns are perfect day trips. From the mountains to the beach and everything in between, there is something for everyone! Pack your car up and get ready for a summer of adventure.

1. NoDa

This is a small hipster district right outside of Uptown Charlotte. Music and art paint this town and it has a very creative energy flow. Amelie's Bakery, a 24/7 french bakery, is located in this district. There is always something fun and new to try in this cute, artistic town!

2. Asheville

This town is known for the beautiful scenery and historic importance. The Biltmore Estate is located here, and it is open for tours every day of the year. It is the biggest estate in America. The downtown area is very artistic, and the mountains make for a gorgeous hike. This is definitely an adventure you don't want to miss.

3. Boone

This small town has a lot of outdoor activities. It is perfect for hiking and whitewater rafting. If you love nature, this is a must see. It is a college town where Appalachian State University is located. The downtown area is very old school and for modern hipsters.

4. Crowders Mountain

This is located in Gaston County. Once you reach the Pinnacle, the peak of the trail, with clear skies you can see for miles. It is a quick four-mile hike for the short one, the view is amazing.

5. Wilmington

This city is known for the beachfront. It makes a perfect day to hit the waves. There are many beach fronts to visit, such as Carolina Beach. Cape Fear Ocean runs through this city. White sand, waves and the boardwalk. If you are a fan of One Tree Hill, it was filmed here.The small restaurants and characteristics give this town a vibrant energy.

6. Serendipity House

This house is from the movie Nights In Rodanthe located on a beach in Avon, North Carolina. It has been remodeled, but the amazing characteristics of this make it a sight to see.

7. Linville Falls

This is located in Linville, North Carolina. Attractions close by are also the Blue Ridge Mountain. To get to the main fall, it is about a mile hike.

8. Outer Banks

Small beaches on the outer banks of North Carolina have wild horses. Corolla Wild Ponies run free, and you can even take a ride on them in the water.

9. Sliding Rock

Located in Brevard, this rock is actually naturally made from a small waterfall. You can actually go sliding down it. It is in Pisgah National Forest also near Asheville.

10. Devil's Tramping Ground

This is located near Bennett. It is a 40-foot circle that cannot grow life. If you leave something or sleep in the circle, the rumor is it will be outside of the circle the next day.

11. Land of Oz Theme park

Located in Beech Mountain, this theme park that was once full of life is now closed and for the most part abandoned. It comes alive for one night a year for an event. This is definitely a place to take a night adventure to...

Cover Image Credit: Tumblr

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Oklahoma

Perfect places for inexpensive day trips.


These places are some of my favorite to visit in Oklahoma and as a resident here they are perfect for day trips because of the minimal car ride. I hope you visit these locations and enjoy them as much as I have.

1. Turner Falls

Turner Falls is in the Arbuckle Mountains and is home to Oklahoma's largest waterfall. You can hike, swim, explore a rock castle, fish, tube, and much more. You can even rent a cabin if you want to stay the night.

2. Pops on Route 66

Pops is in Arcadia off of route 66 and it is great place to get a burger and a specialty pop; not to mention the light up pop bottle out front. Near by there is the Round Barn which is a completely circular barn that was constructed in 1898 and is a unique structure worth visiting. During the fall Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch is open and during the summer you can head to Arcadia Lake to cool off.

3. Blue Dome District in Downtown Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa has one of the best art districts in the state and you can visit many art museums the most famous being the Philbrook. There are unique shops and fancy restraunts all composed of stunning architecture. There is a interesting spot nestled in the middle of downtown called "The Center of the Universe" where when you stand in this paticular circle of concrete your voice echoes back to you. Occasionally there are festivals like May Fest, Winter Fest, and Day of the Dead.

4. Bricktown in Oklahoma City

Bricktown is a beautiful place where there is something for everyone to do. There is a movie theatre, clubs, shops, mini-golf, restraunts, and most famously a riverwalk. You can also visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Murrah Bombing Museum, and the botanical gardens.

5. Robber's Cave

Robber's Cave is a wonderful place for exploring. You can walk along the trails, go down into caves, go hiking, or wade in creeks. There is also horse back riding and paddle boating. If you are looking for a relaxing trip in nature, this is it.

6. Woodward Park

Woodward Park is nice place to take a relaxing stroll through and it is home to an arboretum, (a botanical garden completely devoted to trees), and it also has a regular botanical garden. The scenery is breath taking and it has a playground which makes it an entertaining place for children.

7. The Gloss Mountains

Even though the Gloss Mountains has 'mountains' in its name, it is actually mesas and buttes. They appear shiny and glass like because of the amount of selenite in their soil. This a truly fascinating place to visit and it is perfect for hiking and viewing wildlife. You won't regret traveling here as you see the sun set behind the mesas.

8. Downtown Guthrie

Downtown Guthrie is rich in historic buildings and brick walkways. There are antique shops, museums, coffee shops, a theatre. Downtown Guthrie also has a national park that is only an elm tree making it the smallest in the United States. If you are able to come in April there is a carnival and parade celebrating the land run. In December there is an event called the Victorian Walk where people come dressed in Victorian clothes and there are carriages, live music, good food, and carollers.

9. Paseo District in Oklahoma City

The Paseo District in Oklahoma City has some of the finest shops and art galleries. It is designed to resemble Spanish architecture with authentic clay roofs and stucco building. There are many restaurants to eat at and on Wednesday nights "Sauced at Paseo" hosts a slam poetry night.

10. Chickasaw National Park

Chickasaw National Park is one of the most gorgeous places you can visit in Oklahoma. You can go hunting, fishing, water skiing, boating, hiking, swimming, and much more. There is wildlife everywhere and it is even located on the Central migratory flyaway path, which makes it perfect for bird watching.

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