The best way to remove graffiti from your house
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The best way to remove graffiti from your house

Graffiti walls are one of the main aesthetic problems that we often find both in private homes and in offices or public buildings

The best way to remove graffiti from your house

Graffiti is one of the most popular manifestations of urban art today, which is not exhibited in private circles but is exhibited publicly, in many cases in our monuments, buildings, houses, shutters, shop windows, public transport, etc... and here the problem begins, although there are real works of art that add value to the urban landscape, unauthorized paintings of little or no artistic value abound, for which the macs range is designed.

Graffiti walls are one of the main aesthetic problems that we often find both in private homes and in offices or public buildings. If you need to remove graffiti from a facade, we will teach you how to remove graffiti from a brick.

Graffiti is usually an inconvenience since, due to the different types of paints that are used to make them, such as aerosol or spray, they penetrate into the pores of the surfaces and deepen in such a way that the stains are really difficult to remove. of the wall. This inlay, technically known as a "shadow," can be up to an inch deep.

Completely ignorant, they often resort to cleaning graffiti with inappropriate products, which in most cases leads to the opposite effect: graffiti paint penetrates deeper into the base, making it almost impossible or prohibitively expensive, it's complete cleaning. Other people use pressure washing methods, which in some cases can cause us to remove the original paint, or the facade or the brick itself to lose some of its original colors, compounding the problem.

When we are dedicated to graffiti removal and cleaning painted walls, the objective to achieve is not only to remove the paint from the wall but also not to damage the surface. Brick, marble, concrete, aluminum in road signs, or wood are just some of the materials in which we can find graffiti and graffiti. The type of surface will be essential to determine which product to apply.

What tools are the best to remove graffiti?

1. Wire or steel wool brush

Investing in a wire or steel wool brush may be the best solution to remove graffiti from surfaces. Even so, it is necessary to bear in mind that once the surface is cleaned with these brushes, a small mark may remain.

2. Jet washing devices

This type of device is capable of removing graffiti to such an extent that only a small blurred mark remains on the wall, this occurs thanks to the great washing power that these devices have.

If you wonder where to find this product, it is possible that you can find one online or at any hardware store. The only drawback of this device is that it is not capable of removing graffiti from surfaces, other than walls.

What stripper or chemicals to use to remove graffiti?

On many occasions, the owners of the houses or businesses in which the graffiti have been carried out usually use bleach to remove the paint, but in many cases, this is not enough.

In the case of brick surfaces, it is advisable to use a good stripper first, and secondly, clean with a little grease and a wire brush.

If the graffiti is small and recent, just apply a little paint stripper and let it work for a few minutes, then clean it with a steel wool brush.

Paint is the best option on wooden surfaces or fences.

How to remove graffiti from a surface in five steps?

  1. Wear protective gear.
  2. Test the stripper before applying it.
  3. Leave the product to act for a few minutes.
  4. Use a brush.
  5. Use a device or hose to wash with pressure water.

As we have already mentioned, the less time the graffiti has been done, the easier it is to remove the paint. So if you have graffiti in your home or business, don't waste time removing it.

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