The ABCs Of College Life
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Student Life

The ABCs Of College Life

What you should know about college, one letter at a time.

The ABCs Of College Life
MSMC College

A- Autonomy

Independence is a new thing for you, but you learn many things in college. You learn time management, socialization and communication skills, and even how to do laundry. But, this is the time and place to find out who your are on your own.

B- Bookstore

The bookstore is basically the place where you spend all of your money on campus, besides Starbucks. It has the books in it, but also has spirit wear. Don’t forget to always look for a promotion and save a lot of money!

C- Community Outreach

Many colleges around the country have some type of way to get involved, whether it be an organization or just a trip to the Special Olympics. Every college offers a chance for students to give back to their school, or the community around it.

D- Division of Sports

It doesn’t matter the division you are in, as long as you are doing what you love. Coming from a D3 school however, you get to explore different sports! I’m debating whether to try something new and go out for cheerleading next semester!

E- Exercise

The "Freshmen 15" does not exist for everyone, but if you want to make sure you don’t catch it, go to the gym every once in awhile or eat a salad instead of dessert. Eating healthy isn’t impossible, but it does take commitment.

F- Food

Every college says their food is bad, but this isn’t always the case. The food is great and they offer many styles of food from sushi to burgers, and many desserts to choose from! They are also very accommodating for food allergies. However, don’t choose your college based on the food... unless they have soft serve, then choose that one.

G- Greek Life

Greek Life is a good way to feel the sense of community in a college. Sororities and Fraternities are a big part of most campuses, but you aren’t required to join one when you get to college. Don’t give into peer pressure to join one if you don’t want to, but their parties can be outrageous.

H- Honor’s Program

Feeling smart? Challenge yourself and join the Honor’s Program. With this program, you can receive special opportunities, such as seeing a broadway show, picking first in room selection, or even scheduling your classes early. Find out details about your school's honor's program and take the risk, it looks great on a resume!

I- Identity

Along with Independence, you get to discover your identity. It’s a fresh, new start in your life, and only you have the power to make it how you want it to be.

J- Jungle Gym

The dorms are like a Jungle Gym, people are everywhere and it can get loud at times. If the dorm is too loud, find other ways to study, such as in a common room or the library.

K- Kars

At some colleges, freshmen are not allowed to have cars, but just make friends with an upperclassmen and have them drive. Also, some schools have shuttles that take you from location to location most days of the week. But if you do have a car, and are allowed to use it on campus, Yay you!!!

L- Laundry

It’s finally time to learn how to do your laundry. Laundry is the next big commitment in your life and you should do it weekly, but it isn’t that bad. Be sure to pick a dorm with laundry in it, and don’t forget those quarters!

M- Major

No matter what your major is, you will make friends. You may have a friend group in your major, another group in your extracurricular activity, and another with your roommates. Majors are never set in stone so don’t be afraid to ask to change it if you are having doubts.

N- Niche

Find your niche at campus, there are many ways to get involved. Be part of a sports team, drama club, music club, or even poetry club! There are so many clubs and organizations you could join. Go venture around because you may fall in love with something unexpectedly.

O- Office Hours and Professors

Professors want to see you, they hold office hours for a reason! Also, be willing to talk to your professor about your performance in their class and don’t be scared to ask questions, you are more than just a number.

P- Partying

Do you come to college to study, or to party? Socialization is an important factor in college, but it should veer you too far from your academic goals and successes. A few parties a semester are always good, but there are other events on campus that are just as fun!

Q- Quit goofing around

This is college, not high school. Study because you need these classes to obtain a degree. You don’t want your first semester to be bad because you didn’t go to class or didn't do your homework. Professors in college are more strict about deadlines so get your work done in an efficient manner, and don’t procrastinate!

R- Resident Life

Resident Life helps you transition from high school to college by providing you with a residence assistant (RA). The RA is there to help you with any of your needs, whether it is something personal or even just studying. Your RA is a great resource in college.

S- Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is another great way to get involved. As a team of student leaders, you are planning events and improving the campus so that everyone has the best college experience. SGA is a great way to gain leadership skills and make more friends!

T- Taxis

Taxis are a college student's worst nightmare, especially when they try to charge $3. They are all around and take you to wherever you need to go. Many do not charge a lot of money to get from one place to another.

U- Undeclared

It is perfectly fine to enter college as an undeclared major. Your college will help you make a decision with the resources they have, such as assigning you an academic advisor. You may start by taking your General Education classes in the beginning semesters, but they may put you into introductory courses that let you explore different majors.

V- Vacation

Vacation is all I ever wanted! There are only 30 weeks of college (in most colleges), which means you get about ten more weeks off than high school. Your winter and summer breaks are longer giving you plenty of time to go back home and eat as much food as you can stuff in your mouth!

W- Work

You always have a chance to work either on or off campus. Work study is offered on many campuses, giving you the opportunity to become a lifeguard, work in the library, or even become an Admissions Ambassador. Be sure not to work so much that you won’t have time do any school work, academics always come first!

X- X-perience

College is a one of a kind experience. It is the time to learn while socializing and participating in activities you have never done before. You get to make the most of it and you decide what you want. It's the start of something new.

Y- Your Free Time

Depending on your schedule, you will either have a lot of free time or none at all. Set away some time for yourself, but leave enough time to study for that big test.

Z- Zombies

8:00 A.M.'s are the worst classes, and students with these morning classes are lazy where they don’t even feel like walking to class. Don’t be that person and be efficient. If you’re that type of person, go to the gym before class and wake yourself up.

College is all about the connections you make and the education you receive. There is, however, a lot of socialization, but in the end, it is up to you to decide what path you want to take. It is your first experience of semi-full autonomy and you get to form an identity that will last longer than high school. With guidance and the many resources your school may provide, you will become something great. This list is just some facts of college, but the ultimate goal is to have fun!

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