10 Things You Text To Your Friend Whose Dog Is Cooler Than Them
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10 Things You Text To Your Friend Whose Dog Is Cooler Than Them

Because we all know who it is that we really love in this friendship.

golden lab
Jill Baker

It is clear as day that I love dogs more than I love humans and man do my friends have some of the CUTEST good bois out there! I'm sure my friends have received a few of these texts from me, and if you're the friend with the canine pal you definitely have received them yourself. Here's to your pups! may they always be cooler than you.

1. "Can you send me a cute pic of your dog?"

I have about 20 pictures of my friend's dog on my phone and you're damn right I made one of them my background picture.

2. "Hey man I heard your folks are going out of town, lmk if you need someone to take care of your dog!"

I'm the resident dog sitter in my neighborhood. When you have a bunch of cool pups around there's no way I'm going to miss out on a puppy sleepover!

3. "Your dog is my Valentine this year I already called dibs."

I chose my boyfriend's dog Munson as my Valentine over him, so don't think we really won't go there. When there's a doggo involved there's more love to give!

4. "Lol, look at this video of your dog that I took!"

I post more videos of your dog and I on snapchat than I did for your birthday. Sorry, but he gave me a kiss and a sniff and i nearly died, okay?

5. "Hey can we hang at your place tonight?" "Sure." "Cool I need some dog cuddles."

My friend's houses are always the go-to hangout spots for a reason. Pals and pups, what a night.


I posted a better picture of my boyfriend's dog for his birthday than I did for my boyfriend.

7. "You think I could borrow your dog for like a day?"

Everybody loves dogs. One walk through the park with your doggo and I'm the hottest thing around. Come on, it's a win-win for both of us!

8. "What do you mean you're not bringing your dog with you?"

I genuinely get upset when my friends don't bring their dogs along to our plans. The poor dude is just gonna lay at home while we have all the fun? I don't think so!

9. "Tell your dog I love you for me."

And if you say you did and you didn't? I will know.

10. "You and your dog are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Couldn't be more true. Seriously the most loyal friendship I have.

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