10 Thoughts About Going Back to College
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10 Thoughts All College Students Have About Going Back to School

What Time is it? School Time!

10 Thoughts All College Students Have About Going Back to School

With August here and in full swing, chances are your either back in school or getting ready for it to hit you. These days, it seems like summer lasts just long enough for us to get used to no homework before we're slammed with heavy textbooks and loads of tests before you know it. Incoming deadlines, lengthy assignments, and long lectures... Welcome back to college! Here are 10 thoughts every college student has about going back to school.

1. Wait... It's August?

We all know the feeling. Summer was here one minute, gone the next. Sure, no one keeps track of the days on summer break, but it certainly shouldn't be going by this fast. Remembering that it's August is like remembering that you're almost 20 years old and have no idea what you want to do with your life. Scary.

2. Wait... I'm a Junior in College?

Anyone else sometimes forget that you're not twelve years old and in fifth grade anymore? Me too. While we might advance in age and grade level, our minds probably peaked around 5 years ago. Plus, who's keeping track of their grade level at this point- it all goes by WAY too fast. Is this what aging is like?

3. Back to school? More like Back to Dying

Back to school is great when you're in first or second grade and have absolutely no obligations. The higher grade level you enter into, you realize back to school means back to stress, lack of sleep and lots of tests. Every time a college midterm is taken, we die a little bit on the inside.

4. More books and school supplies to spend money on

Buying books and school supplies can be an exciting and fun experience when you're young. Being a broke college student takes the experience to a whole other level. It's always an adventure trying to get through hoards of other students to find the cheapest and most inexpensive supplies. Who even cares if the textbook is old and has it's front cover ripped off- It'll probably still cost you more than your last paycheck!

5. Back to midterms and finals

If there's one thing college students hate most, it's midterms. The Bane of everyone's existence, midterms are the true reason why college students dread school. With tons of hours of studying and tests that set you up to fail, who's surprised midterms bring out the worst in everyone. Tears, stress and lack of sleep- what could possibly be better than that!

6. Socialization has returned

Sure, maybe your summer if filled with fun events, but with all these tests and midterms, all college students need to have a little bit more fun. Whether it be in the form of sorority events, club meetings or parties, going back to college gives you endless ways to socialize and destress.

7. "There Goes All My Savings!"

While summer allows us time to make money, be productive and build our savings, the school year completely demolishes our bank accounts. It's like clockwork. College can be expensive and your bank account won't have time to keep up with all the spending you'll be doing.

8. Time to see college friends again

College is hard in that you build quick and close-knit friendships away from home in a short period of time, yet have to leave those friendships behind for months at a time. Going back to college allows you to reunite with your close college friends and get right back to where you left off before!

9. Time to figure out what to do with your degree

Like everything else, it's easy to put off that burning question you have in your mind- "What am I going to do with my degree?" With school back in swing, it's time to take classes, ask you professors questions, and give your future a little bit more thought than before.

10. It'll be over before you know it

While going back to college can be a complete pain, we've all got graduation in the back of our minds. It's important to embrace all the fun and crazy moments college has to offer because it'll be over sooner than we could ever imagine. While it's easy to hate the tests, stress and anxiety that come with college, it's even harder to think about the future ahead of us. College goes by fast, so appreciate it while you can!

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