10 Things College Kids Just HATE TO SEE During Spring Semester

10 Things College Kids Just HATE TO SEE During Spring Semester

No, this isn't a passive article at all..


Spring semester is like when you are on a rollercoaster ride with a lot of upside-down loops and twirls- nauseating and frightening but totally worth it at the end because now you made a memory. Though, whether that memory was good or bad is totally up to interpretation (haha)!

1. Ugh, summer is just around the corner. So you mean to tell me I have to break out my shorts?

2. Warmer weather- who cares about better moods, tan lines, driving with the windows down!

3. Ahh, the rain. The wet, plant growing, greener gas enhancing rain..

4. So I have to dress for winter in the morning and then have to strip by lunch to provide myself a blanket to lay on to soak up some rays? How dare this weather be so courteous!

5. The dang birds! It gets a bit warm outside and they think it is appropriate to go waking me up in the morning with their cute little noises and chirps- ugh!

6. Spring insects, gross! Why do butterflies and ladybugs have to be so pretty?

7. I don't see why people like going to the park, it's just a bunch of fresh air and pretty colors!

8. Mother Nature is so annoying how she just decides one day she's going to look nice and give us the best day- how rude.

9. You mean I have to see all of these bright colored pictures instead of the dull/gloomy pictures on Instagram now? What a bummer..

10. Campfires and homework on the porch is so overrated, I don't get what all of the hype is about..

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40 Things To Do Over Spring Break If You Are Not Going On Vacation

Honestly, this list is as productive as my break was.

This past week was my first Spring Break as a college student. I feel as though everyone in college goes away during their breaks. Either they go on a family vacation somewhere, or they go away to somewhere fun or warm with friends. However, there is the select group who, if you are like me, just went home.

My Spring Break was nothing spectacular. In fact, it was super boring. Not really that awesome as some people have had or will have. Here is a list of all the things you can do while on Spring Break at home.

1. Hang out with family.

2. Hang out with friends.

3. Go on a day trip somewhere.

4. Do your homework. (Honestly, this is a last resort.)

5. Sleep in.

6. Puppy sit so you are not lonely while your family is at work or school.

7. Talk to your pets/ puppy you are watching.

8. Chase said animal around a table for 20 minutes.

9. Lay on the kitchen floor and eat.

10. Watch movies.

11. Lay in bed all day.

12. Dance in your room.

13. Go get fast food alone.

14. Go shopping, either online or if you have the motivation, leave the house to do so.

15. Buy unnecessary things.

16. Babysit or work to get money.

17. Spend said money. (Even though you are supposed to be saving it since you are broke.)

18. Go out to lunch with old friends.

19. Puppy sit a service dog so when you go our you receive attention and are able to interact with humans during the day rather than just the puppy.

20. Go to the movies either by yourself or with a friend.

21. Go to the mall to walk around.

22. Go to the mall with your mom so she can buy you stuff.

23. Hang out with your parents so they can buy you stuff.

24. Learn something new. (I learned how to sew.)

25. Make something creative.

26. Watch Netflix all day.

27. Catch up on shows.

28. Binge watch a series on Netflix.

29. Start more than one new series to binge watch.

30. Go food shopping with your best friend and his family.

31. Go with your best friend and his dad to the barber shop.

32. Read a magazine while said friend and friend's father get their haircut.

33. Find new songs you like.

34. Go to your old high school.

35. Say hi to old teachers and friends still in school.

36. Go on a walk.

37. Text your mom about how bored you are.

38. Be a chauffeur for your siblings.

39. Try to learn how to do makeup and fail miserably.

40. Look into making plans for next Spring Break so you do not have to endure the boredom you just faced for the past week.

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Spring In Ohio Is Just A Myth

Welcome to the buckeye state.


It's finally April now. Yes, everything about April showers bringing May flowers is about to start. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to finally get into spring and say goodbye to the winter season. I am so done with winter and I just want the warmer weather and put away my winter coat and my boots (but my boots were really cute). But the more that I see the changes in the season, the more I realize that I live in a very fluctuating environment in regard to the weather and it can get really annoying as to the weather.

Why? One word: Ohio.

It's been a while since I last wrote about the great state of Ohio. Ah, Ohio. Spent my entire life living in that state. I was born, raised, got my elementary and high school education there, and I'm currently getting my college education there also (in the middle of nowhere with fields galore). But there are only a few things with living in Ohio that can be annoying to anyone that lives here is the fluctuation of the weather. I can give a good example of this with what is going on right now.

On Sunday, it was super nice that it was probably in the seventies temperature wise. I was able to walk to elections for my sorority in a nice tank top-like shirt from my dorm hall to the middle of campus and then to get pizza and back to my dorm. Everything throughout the week was fine until we get to Wednesday. In the morning I normally check the weather to see what I could wear and when I saw that it was going to be in the forties throughout the entire day and that the next day, the high was going to be in the sixties, I let out the most audible groan of annoyance ever.

It can sometimes translate to living in an air-conditioned dorm hall where sometimes inside it can be freezing cold that I want to wrap myself in a blanket when outside I could be doing my homework outside in a t-shirt and shorts.

I did do that on Saturday, though.

Another story that I can say. My freshman year of high school, I had the amazing opportunity over spring break to go to Disney World with my high school's band and orchestra program and march in the Magic Kingdom itself. While that was going on, I got a picture from my mom and it was our front yard… and there was snow on it. All of this in Ohio while I was in Florida. I did not want to go back home after seeing that picture even though at this point I'm tired and sunburnt.

But the thing that I've always disliked about being in Ohio, even in the past, was the weather. Seeing how certain places in not only the United States but also the world have normal seasons and here is just… back and forth.

Can we just have a set spring soon?

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