Global Warming Is Happening, And We Have To Do Something
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Global Warming Is Happening, And We Have To Do Something

It's Up To Us To Do Something

Global Warming Is Happening, And We Have To Do Something

Over the past century, global warming has become more of a problem due to fossil fuels like coal and oil being burned which increases concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Human activities such as agriculture and industry is contributing to the problem. I'm not saying that agriculture and industry is bad, but we have to start doing it in different ways that will help the earth instead of destroying it. Slowly, the Earth is becoming warmer which leads to more rain and glaciers melting which causes sea levels to rise. Not only will it affect the oceans, but it will also affect land especially the areas where crops grow the best at and natural plant community makeup.

This isn't made up, and it won't just go away.

We can't just ignore it.

Fifty years of human activity has already affected the earth when it comes to global warming in major ways. Just imagine what the earth is going to look like in another fifty years. It's not going to be good unless we do something about it. How?

Thankfully, there are ways that can stop global warming, and we can do it. If we work together.

First, we can get rid of regular light bulbs, and replace them with fluorescent light ones. According to Northwestern, it would save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. That's a lot! Just by changing the light bulbs in your house. Very simple solution that can help in so many ways.

Second, you can drive less. I have to work on this one. I drive everywhere, and I drive a lot. Thankfully, there are other ways that we can travel about. If you can, instead of driving, you can either walk or bike. If you have to drive, you can always carpool with people. Instead of taking a bunch of different cars at one time, you can just take one.

Third, you can recycle more. This one is a win for the earth, and it's also a win for the animals. There is so much stuff in our oceans affecting animals. We can save ourselves along with saving animals. It's a win-win. According to Northwestern, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by recycling half of your waste in your house. It could double if you recycled it all.

Fourth, you can plant a tree, or more. According to Northwestern, one tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over it's life. And that's just one tree. Just imagine if you planted a ton of them. It could help so much.

:Lastly, when you are not using your electronic devices, you can turn them off. You can save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by pushing a button.

Here are five simple ways that you can help the earth. It's not like it's a super complicated formula to stop global warming. There are things that we can do, myself included, to stop global warming. The Earth is our home. Let's start taking care of it better.

Sources: NASA, Northwestern

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