35 Staples of College Life Every OU Student Will Recognize
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35 Staples of College Life Every OU Student Will Recognize

Squirrels, chicken, coffee, hammocks...

35 Staples of College Life Every OU Student Will Recognize

If you frequent the OU Norman campus, you will surely be familiar with the things on this list.

1. Crimson and Cream everywhere

2. Campus tours 

Everyone is either nervous and shy or excessively excited and impressed

3. Bird and Lime scooters on every corner

4. The bike lane is no joke 

Those bikers are not about to slow down for you

5. No shortage of places to get coffee

Second Wind, Gray Owl, Stella Nova, Michelangelo's, and of course Starbucks

6. No parking enforcement on Sundays!

7. Campus hecklers

Some particularly interesting quotes I've heard yelled at passersby- (I swear these are real):

"You're not here to go to school, you're here to drink and do drugs."

"You're all condemned!"

"...and I did not eat that brisket!"

"I'll save all you broken women. You can call me Captain Save-a-Hoe!"

8. Church group pamphlets galore 

9. Sidewalk chalk announcements 

10. The world's friendliest squirrels (and, yes, we pay a fee for our superior imported squirrels)


11. Laptops covered in Redbubble stickers

12. Slackliners 

13. Hammockers

14. Club booths lining the walls of the Union

15. Evening color guard drills

Sometimes I'm afraid of getting mowed down while walking along the South Oval

16. The occasional campus cutie

That you know you'll likely never see again :(

17. Thirsty Thursdays at Fuzzy's 

18. Uber/Lyft drop-offs on Campus Corner

19. Tolerating the LNC bus lines

20. Plenty of fried chicken


Whether that's Cane's or Chick-fil-a, you're sure to gain your freshman 15...or your senior 25

21. Finding a seat literally anywhere in the Bizz during finals week

22. Vic Hutchison feeding squirrels 

You've probably seen this former professor wheeling his walker down the South Oval with a dozen squirrels trailing behind him

23. Stifling a laugh in the Great Reading Room 

24. Anything and everything is a parking spot on game day

25. The Porch and Kong's are the new "it" places on the weekend


26. Mourning the loss of Cate dining hall

27. Smuggling jugs of milk from Xcetera! back to your dorm

28. Not walking under the clock tower

There's really no reason for me to avoid it since I'm already graduating late...I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious

29. Pianists in the Union food court

30. Being thankful the Presbyterians on University Boulevard have free parking 

31. And being thankful the Methodists on University Boulevard offer $4 parking for those days you're running late

33. Cutting through the ally near Sugar's and briefly considering going in

32. When it rains, it pours

So much flooding

34. Games of pool in the Crossroads lounge

35. Yelling "Boomer Sooner!"


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