14 Stages Anyone Who Has Ever Used A Planner Has Gone Through

The semester has finally begun! Coming off of a 3+ month summer vacation, students are currently hitting their peak motivation level for the entire school year. Everyone is determined to get the grades they want through time management and organization. Usually, this intended success begins with buying a planner, which helps college bookstores make A LOT of money off our ambitions for the year.

Here are the stages of buying a planner that nearly everyone goes through at one point in time.

1. New year, new me! I am going to change my ways for the better this semester.

2. I'm going to manage my time better and devote more time to my studies.

3. Why don't I buy a planner? This will help me plan my week and stay organized.

4. There are so many options! Do I want a pocket-sized planner or a full-sized desk calendar?

5. Do I want a spiral or bound planner?

6. The cover will set the mood for the year. Do I want a sleek, classic solid color? Or a fun pattern?

7. The bookstore wants HOW MUCH for these bound pieces of paper that will be stained in coffee tomorrow?! I need to take out more student loans to buy a planner!

8. Maybe I should just use Google Calendar. It is free, after all.

9. Whatever, I'll just buy it.

10. I'll categorize everything by color! Everything for my major classes will be written in red, work will be in blue...

11. Wow, I never realized how much I had to do until I started writing it all down.

12. I don't need to write everything, just due dates and important events.

13. Nah I won't write that down. I think I'll remember it.

14. I can't believe I wasted $30 on a planner I used for a week.

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