Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Know Something About You
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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Know Something About You

Sunflowers, Roses, Daffodils, and Daisies! What does your favorite flower say about you?

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Know Something About You
Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels

As warmer weather and increased sunshine graces the earth, brightly colored flowers begin to bloom for as far as the eye can see. Almost everyone has a favorite flower, but have you ever wondered what your favorite flower says about you? It's time to find out!


If you love lilies, you tend to be a very focused individual. You are always working toward specific goals, and you have your life planned out to a tie. Despite how much you've accomplished in your life, you still are modest and compassionate. You'll do whatever it takes to lift a friend – or even a stranger – up.


You have a high emotional intelligence and know how to talk to people. At a party, you gravitate toward the people standing alone in the corner because you feel a deep need to help others feel comfortable. You know how to make people feel more comfortable, and many of your friends have declared that you should be a licensed therapist.


People always have fun when you're around. You have a carefree nature around you and know how to let go of your worries (most of the time). You love the social scene and always try to coordinate outings with the girls. Nothing's more important to you than your friendships, so you try to maintain and sustain them as much as possible.

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash


You have expensive taste and have high standards for the people in your life. You know your self-worth and expect people to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. You excel in group settings and often take the position of "leader." People trust your opinion and know you'll be brutally honest when necessary.


You like being unique and living life to the beat of your own drum. Whether it be trying out for a new sport or learning a new instrument, you're not afraid to put yourself out there. Although people's words and judgments can sometimes get you down, you never give up on what you want.


If you love peonies, it's undebatable that you are a bold soul. You also know how to make a statement. You're the type of person to wear a bright red outfit everyday and sport flamboyant makeup looks. You don't care what people think of you and are not ashamed to show your true colors.

Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Cactus Flower

You're not afraid to speak up for what you believe in – even if it means standing alone. You're vocal about the topics you care about, sometimes too vocal, and you'll always stick up for a friend. People sometimes say you have an "attitude problem," but sarcasm is actually your love language.


You have a steadfast love for "old" things – but you actually consider them "classics." If you could spend all day thrift shopping, you'd be happy and content. You love photography, listening to old music, and learning about the past. You cherish nostalgia and have a close relationship with your grandparents.


You love helping people and volunteering in the community, especially if the event involves animals. In fact, you've been accused of loving pets more than people numerous times, and you've never been able to deny the accusations. You have strong moral principles and an unwavering confidence and conviction.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


As a sunflower-lover, you generally have a very positive and bright disposition. Your smile lights up the room and you always know the right thing to say to make friends laugh. Although worries can get you down, you have a knack for finding creative and innovative solutions to life's obstacles.


Besides being obsessed with Katy Perry's song "Daisies," you love a wide variety of music and find it to be a great form of stress relief. You love expressing your creative side and trying new things, and experimentation has never scared you. Although you have many introverted qualities, you also have a close group of friends that you cherish.

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash


If your favorite flower is a rose, there's one way to truly describe you – as a classic. When given the choice between thinking with your heart or your brain, you wholeheartedly choose your heart. You value your relationships, but often overwhelm yourself by caring too much. You become passionate about the things you care about – meaning you tend to become obsessed with work, hobbies, and people.

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