How to get Spotify premium for Free On Android

How to get Spotify premium for Free On Android

Spotify premium

Music has a soothing effect and that is precisely why everyone loves it. With today’s faster internet speeds, most of us prefer streaming our favorite tracks rather than downloading the tracks for offline listening. One of the best online music streaming services happens to be Spotify. However, all good things come with a price and Spotify is no exclusion either. It offers you a Premium version that works on a subscription model, while the free version has its own limitations. How can you get the Spotify Premium for Free on your Android?

How can I get Spotify Premium For free?

Spotify is a well-known music streaming service by any standard. It streams almost all the latest music tracks. In addition, it also streams live radio channels on its app. The free version has a few restrictions on the usage, while the premium version offers you several additional features like unlimited skips, ad-free interface, and unlimited streaming access to other features.

Spotify Premium is no longer available on the Play Store. You can download the APK file and then side loads it on your device. Please note that you need to be on Android 4.0 or above to be able to make use of the app.

Follow the steps here below –

That should do it. The Spotify Premium should now be installed on your phone.

However, if you have not installed any third party app before on your Android, you may need to enable the app installations from unknown sources. Here is how you can do it –

  • Go into Settings app on your Android.
  • Look for the tabs Applications, Security or Privacy.
  • You should get the option for Unknown Sources under any of the above tabs. The exact location of the setting should depend on your Android version and device model.
  • Toggle the option to enable Unknown Sources.

That does it. You have successfully enabled the third party app installation on your phone.

Launch Spotify and enjoy unlimited streaming for free.

Why Should You Opt for Spotify Premium?

Well, for the simple reason that it lets you have access to several cool features. The free version of the Spotify app comes with annoying ads. The premium edition will help you get rid of the ads. In addition, you get unlimited skips while listening to your favorite music.

The premium version of the Spotify app also lets you have access to unlimited streaming of over 30 million songs. You can also enjoy offline listening option with the premium version.

The Parting thoughts

Spotify is indeed a premium music streaming service that has an exceptional performance. In fact, it is one of the most popular streaming services in regions like US and UK. With over 40 million paid subscribers, it has carved a name for itself in the music streaming arena.

The enviable collection of over 30 million tracks that keeps on getting updated makes it one of the most searched option for online music lovers. Have you used it for your musical pleasure? If you have, do share the benefits associated with the service with us. Your feedback would be quite valuable for us.

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I don't endorse Burger King in any fashion but they've really outdone themselves with their interpretation of what could happen with the removal of Net Neutrality. Take a look!

The internet is one of the most powerful innovations since its inception. The ability to connect to others globally, pay bills, conduct research, online shop, stream movies, send and receive messages through social media are some of the many activities that can be completed using the web. The integration of the internet within the scope of communications and other disciplines has, and continues to impact consumers.

"Network neutrality" or "net neutrality" is often used as a broad label in public policy and regulatory discussions concerning these issues" (Internet Society, 2015). The media plays a major and important factor in the public's opinion and other discourse of its influence on politics and policymaking. One theory within mass communications is that the media is supposed to represent itself as the third estate; offering and exposing the truth to media consumers. But, with this removal, the internet we all know and love today may not be accessible to the same degree to everyone.

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