Ways To Celebrate Halloween
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7 Spoopy Ways To Celebrate Halloween That Won't Scare You

Scared of your own shadow? Join the club!

Katrina Berban

Halloween, one of the most unavoidable holidays that gives into superstitions, sorcery, and sexy costumes of your beloved childhood cartoons. There is nothing worse than facing fears from a trick no one asked for when all you wanted was a treat.

To take a lesson from Monsters Inc., it's not "We Scare Because We Care," but instead, "It's Laughter We're After." Here are seven ways to have fun minus the fright this Halloween.

1. The freaks stay in at night.


Not all monsters get out much, but they make the most of their damnation together while they can. Instead of making it a spooky night on the town, take the festivities inside your haunted house.

Play a Whodunit, Secret Santa-like game, ravage the kitchen and sink your teeth into gummy bugs, dirt-filled brownies, and zombie brain Jell-O. Have yourself a Monster Mash!

2. Movie marathon madness.


Sometimes instead of going to a pizzeria, you order delivery instead. Sometimes, even answering the door can get annoying. Rather than leave a bowl of candy outside with a sign that reads, "Take One," take your own bowl of candy and treat yourself to a marathon of horrible tragicomedies. Welcome to the ha-ha-hacienda!

3. Pun intended.


Scaring people is easy. Confusing people is an art. Think of it as an inside joke that only someone like you could appreciate. Create a costume of an ambiguous reference or from a cult classic film. Serve pumpkin spice, and just pumpkin spice.

Carve a picture of a pumpkin on a pumpkin, or simply the word pumpkin. Instead of expecting the unexpected, you'll be the unexpected.

4. Tricks can be sweet too.


Halloween is celebrated one night out of the year, but no one said you couldn't have fun during the day. Start the morning right with dessert for breakfast or a nice Oreo filling toothpaste.

Have a friend call and mention you to another friend and at the end of the call, be right behind him or her for a surprise. Finish the evening with an Oreo cake baked with real fake cockroaches inside. Sounds like another happy Halloween.

5. Period party.


If you're thinking it's a steampunk, eighteenth-century party, it's not that kind of period party. It's that time of the month again when the moon hits its cycle, and there will be blood. Women who have menstruation for the first time celebrate it with period parties.

That's right, women soothe the pain with velvet cake, pasta marinara, red wine, anything that reminds you of your blood type. So howl at the moon and have a bloody good time!

6. Candy crazed.


Treat yourself. No truer words have ever been spoken or had more meaning than it does right now. Kids don't always get an allowance, so Halloween and candy is the closest thing to a job and salary they have.

You on the other hand don't have to go knocking on strangers doors for sugary sweets. You can walk into a store and pay for your candy and get as much as you want.

Plus, candy goes on sale the day after Halloween. Chances are your dentist will be disappointed by your delectable desires but you just can't quit your crush on candy, your candy crush.

7. Rest in peace.


Some people like to believe in ghosts for the fun of it, but others believe that spirits live on. Remembering loved ones who have passed away is one of the more mindful ways to celebrate Halloween.

In the nineteenth century, trick-or-treating was called souling, where the poor went door-to-door praying for the families members' souls in exchange for soul cakes. No seances, no Ouija boards, no magic circles, only a meaningful memento to those who lived.

Halloween doesn't have to be spooky or poopy, but it can always be spoopy.

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