15 Struggles You Face STILL Living In A Dorm As A Sophomore
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15 Struggles You Face STILL Living In A Dorm As A Sophomore

Living in a dorm freshman year can be brutal, add in a whole other year and the struggles become even more real.

15 Struggles You Face STILL Living In A Dorm As A Sophomore
University of Mary Washington

Living in a dorm as a freshman is gruesome enough, but by sophomore year saying you're "over it" would be a gross understatement.

In the grand scheme of life, it really isn't that bad. But, when you see the luxurious condos and apartment complexes your friends at other schools live in, it can be quite dreadful.

So in lieu of that, here are a few reasons why.

1. Your friends are posting pictures of their elaborate, healthy meals they just cooked in their fancy kitchens, as you choke down your eighth PB&J of the week

2. You still can't have candles in your room

3. Sharing a bathroom with several other girls

4. Constantly feeling like you're in your roommates' way

5. Having to keep everything ridiculously clean because just one pair of shoes on the floor take away a quarter of the floor space you do have

6. Wanting to invite people over but realizing that most likely means them sitting in your bed or on your floor, both equally as weird

7. Having to follow stricter "rules" that are reinforced

8. Getting sick of the 3 options for quick meals that are make-able in a dorm

9. Being sick all the time

10. Fire drills

11. Having to hike up several flights of stairs to reach your room

12. Sharing a laundry room with hundreds of other students

13. Witnessing strange people do odd things at all times of the day

14. Paper thin walls that make sleeping extremely difficult

15. Twin sized beds

It is important to consider though the positive aspects of living in a dorm such as the convenience to classes, community and availability to friends just a few steps away, etc.

At some point the few pros have the potential to outweigh the several slight inconveniences, especially when you have great roommates and have learned to live with the weird quirks living in a dorm entails!

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