What is a social worker? Somewhere along the way, social workers got the image of being these heartless baby snatchers instead of being helpful advocates.

They’re underpaid, over-tired, under-valued and often never thanked.

Being a social worker goes far beyond child welfare and taking children away from their families.

Social workers are court advocates for those that are seeking justice.

They’re therapists when you need someone to talk to and help you process trauma.

They’re the ones rooting for you to put your life back together AND get your children back.

Social workers are the ones picking up teenagers from police stations in the middle of the night over and over again for kids that will never appreciate it.

They’re the ones working part-time jobs to afford to keep going, all while living paycheck to paycheck, just to do a thankless job.

They’re the ones coming in early and staying out late to make sure all their paperwork is in order so that every client gets served.

They’re the ones running grief groups when your relative dies.

They’re the ones going into rough neighborhoods and houses to protect those who need it most.

Social workers are the ones running shelters, getting families off the streets.

They're the ones in the poor communities, fighting for you to have resources.

They’re the ones who are always unarmed, walking into situations that some police officers haven’t even had to encounter.

Social workers keep track of the kids they had on their caseloads long after they’re done serving them.

They’re the ones trying to keep children off the streets and advocating for them.

They’re the ones who cry over broken hearts, both of adults and children.

Social workers help you fight your addictions. They're there in substance abuse programs to guide you through recovery.

Social workers are there to help you battle your eating disorders.

They're there to save you from domestic violence.

They’re the ones who connect your family to services when you’re in the hospital.

They’re the ones your kid can run to at school when they’re being bullied or if things aren’t right at home.

Social workers are those who argue for your child's IEP and help them get the education they deserve.

Social workers fight for equal rights for ALL humans.

They fight for the LGBT community.

They fight for the black community.

They fight for EVERY community.

They’re the ones working to set your family up with welfare and make sure all the paperwork is correct to help you.

They’re the ones advocating for good legislature so that you can still receive healthcare and mental health services long after your money runs out.

They’re the ones advocating for your right to have free birth control and assistance through birth clinics.

They’re the ones working hard to get children adopted and bringing joy to childless families.

Social workers stretch far beyond “baby snatchers.”

They're world changers.

They are the caregivers of society. They are what hold justice and need together.

They are your advocates in everything. They’re everywhere. In every profession, in everyday life.

They are both the most needed and the most under-appreciated.

Look around, and thank a social worker.

Happy Social Work Month.

Thank you.