Are Snapchat Spectacles the Real Deal?
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Are Snapchat Spectacles the Real Deal?

New tech for Snapchat is making waves in America but what the heck are they?

Are Snapchat Spectacles the Real Deal?

In a world where technology is constantly expanding in various ways, expensive or not, there always seems to be a sense of surprise amongst the people worldwide when introductions to new products are released to the public. Technology has advanced so rapidly over the past century and it doesn't show signs of stopping. Televisions with 4K resolution, Playstation VR headsets, and the iPhone 7 are just a few amongst many more revolutionary products sweeping markets across the globe these days. Even Elon Musk, the inventing extraordinaire, has realistic approaches to getting people colonizing Mars in just a few short years.

Judging by that first paragraph, you must assume I'm hyping up some incredible hardware that'll change the way society works in a lively environment forever right? Depending on your personal outlook on civilization, you may actually feel that way or you're going to think this is nonsensical. I'm of course, referring to the first solid piece of technology coming out of Snap, Inc. known as "Spectacles." The famous social media company is expanding its horizons outside of what is normally utilized within everyday smart phones, to make way for a neat accessory.

These Spectacles are essentially sunglasses with a camera built inside and they're conduits providing new ways for sending "snaps" to friends or families. Given the popularity of Snapchat at this current moment in time, Spectacles could very well change the game and we could see millions of people on city streets conforming to this new tech. Or we may have another "Google Glass" situation. For those who are unaware of that situation, let's just say that product had similarly significant anticipation years ago but it ended up showing no worthy results whatsoever. It's important to note that those glasses cost well over 1000 dollars while these Spectacles cost only 130 dollars. Seeing that Spectacles cost the price of most other typically marketed sunglasses like Ray Bans or Oakleys, Snapchat may actually have a better marketing strategy going on here.

Spectacles are not being released in massive numbers in countries across the world though. They are being sold in special vending machines that are popping up in undisclosed locations (most recently Venice, California) every once in a while and they're also being sold in very limited numbers. The only true way to keep up to date on all information concerning the whereabouts of Spectacles along with details notifying customers of how to use the product can be found through the official website.

If one purchases a pair of Spectacles, one is provided with a case that is also a charger when battery life dwindles. The glasses are paired with the Snapchat application through bluetooth and 10 second videos may be sent to fellow users but they're automatically sent to the popular "story" feature after completion. The designated camera is located on the right side while the "spinning light of life" is located on the left. The circle of light indicates the amount of battery life that still remains but it also indicates when one is recording his or her videos. This light is meant to provide other people around the user with a visual aid so those others can easily understand when a user may be taking an unsuspected video of them. Basically, other people will know when you're being a creep at any given moment.

It's too early to tell whether Spectacles will be a nifty product that'll be fun for a few months or a platform for newer and better products to come. These can very well be the tiny vessel or gateway toward building real life Jarvis' for the masses. The idea of riding hover-boards is an impossibility but Tony Stark technology is not in the year of 2016. We'll just have to wait, observe, and see.

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