My life has always been the same. I've worn 00-0 jeans and XS-S shirts, etc. While most would believe that's fantastic, it isn't. Being skinny doesn't make life automatically amazing.

While I do wear 00 jeans, they're still too big. They don't fit around the waist, my thighs, nothing. The only place they remotely fit well is around my calves. I can buy a small t-shirt and it will basically be like a dress on me. I've been this size my whole life, but it's not a great feeling.

When you're my size, you don't have a big bust size like all the other girls you attend school with. While many of them are in DD or DDD bra sizes, you're stuck in a B. Not only that, but you get made fun of by all the boys who find a big bust size more attractive than a girl's personality. Guys aren't the only ones who pick on you for it either. Girls do too, and it's normally those who are the most popular.

Both guys and girls alike also make fun of skinny girls like me for not having a butt whatsoever. With my size, you can't have a huge butt and boobs to match. My weight and size will not allow it. Also, have you ever seen an extremely skinny girl have like DDD boobs? Doesn't look appealing to the eye, does it? At least it won't look appealing to those who are mature enough to appreciate a girl and/or guy for their personality and not their physical attributes.

Then there's the biggest issue of them all with being as skinny as me – not only do the people around you think you have an eating disorder, but your parents secretly question it too. If you haven't ever experienced being accused of having an eating disorder, it's awful. I do understand where people derive that from, believe me, I do, but why do those who personally know me also believe it? I eat DAILY. Sometimes I'll even eat maybe 10 times during lunch time. I am constantly eating something and 9 times out of 10, it's junk food.

I try to gain weight, I do. Everything that I eat just gets burned off when I am in my sports' seasons and have to run, train, etc. Just because I'm skinny doesn't make my life great. Nothing ever fits because I'm so small, I have no bust or butt, and on top of that, people think I'm anorexic.

Be happy with your body size no matter what. God gave it to you. I love my body no matter what, it's just that sometimes it is assumed that I may have it better than others. We were all created equally and we need to look beyond physical appearance and focus on what's inside. ♡ ♡ #bodypositivity