12 Reasons Showering, At Like, 10 PM Is SO Much Better Than Showering, At Like, 8 AM

12 Reasons Showering, At Like, 10 PM Is SO Much Better Than Showering, At Like, 8 AM

Because morning showers are so overrated.


Most people shower in the mornings to start their day, however, I'm one of those people that have always showered in the evening. I've even been asked why I shower in the evenings and not the morning like a "normal" person. Well let me tell you, there are so many benefits to taking a shower in the evening and are what have helped me to live a healthier life! These benefits will have you jumping in the shower this evening.

1. You go to bed feeling clean.

Whether you lounged around your house all day or had a long, busy day at work, getting a shower in the evening helps you to go to bed feeling clean. Plus it is gross to think of all the dirt, sweat, and just gross-ness you're putting into your bed when you don't shower at night.

2. The feeling of soft, comfy sheets on your freshly cleaned (and shaven body) is like none other.

This is mainly for girls, but nothing feels better than climbing into your comfortable sheets (especially when they are freshly washed too!) with a clean, shaven body. Soft, smooth skin with a comfy bed is the perfect recipe for a cozy night cuddled up.

3. You get an extra 30-60 minutes of sleep in the morning.

No one likes getting up early, so why not take 30-60 minutes in the evening to shower so you can get that additional time in the morning? It's a lot easier to stay up later than to wake up earlier. You're body will thank you on those days that you need some extra z's.

4. You don't have to leave the house with wet hair.

We all run late sometimes, but the worst is when you run late AND your hair is wet. No one wants to show up to work in wet hair or have their hair freeze on a walk across campus. It also leads to healthier hair as you are letting it air dry instead of constantly using additional heat on it.

5. It can help you wind down for the night.

If showers are a source of relaxation for you, showering at night is the perfect way to relax your body after a long day in preparation for some good sleep.

6. It can help you sleep better and longer.

Your body temperature cools down as a signal when your ready to go to bed. That rapid cooling of your body after stepping out of the shower is a natural sleep inducer.

7. The water will stay warmer longer.

Most people shower in the morning so luckily you get all the hot water you want! You also don't have to worry about others wanting to shower or use the bathroom after you.

8. You don't have to do laundry as much.

If you go to bed without showering you probably soil your pajamas frequently. Going to bed clean helps your reduce the amount of laundry you do in the long run.

9. You have better skin.

As nice as makeup wipes are, they don't clean your face that well. Getting a shower at the end of the day is a sure way to clean off all of your makeup, the chemical residue leftover from the makeup remover, and even clean your entire body. It will lead to healthier, better looking skin in the long run.

10. You can improve your morning routine.

Not only can you get that additional 30-60 minutes of extra sleep, but it can also help you to meditate, read, or add something positive to your morning routine.

11. It is a MAJOR way to combat seasonal allergies.

Even if you didn't spend your entire day outside, showering at night will help get any and all pollen off of your body. Whether you suffer seasonal allergies or a family member (or roommate) does, showering at night will help those that suffer feel a lot better.

12. It helps prevent sickness.

Washing off at the end of the day helps you to wash off any germs you may have picked up when outside of your home. Don't let those germs sleep with you, send them down the drain!

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