Album Review: Selena Gomez's 'Revival'
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Album Review: Selena Gomez's 'Revival'

Selena's 'Revival': variety, vulnerability, and riskiness.

Album Review: Selena Gomez's 'Revival'

Selena Gomez just released her latest album, “Revival,” this past Friday. The album is a breakthrough for the singer, with commercially successful singles “Good For You” and “Same Old Love.” The album is full of upbeat dance-y songs, inspirational songs, and heart wrenching ballads.

There’s an R&B vibe mixed with Spanish influences, along with dance-y beats and rhythms. The lyrical content is both fun and honest, despite the undeniable repetition found so commonly in pop music. Every song has its own personality. “Revival” is something Gomez should be proud of and people should give a listen to because of its variety, vulnerability, and riskiness.

1. “Revival”

This song is the definition of not only the album, but Gomez’s current place in life. The song describes how she’s overcome some difficulties and has been on the path of finding herself. Rhythmic drums and anthemic words make this a strong opener to the album.

Best lyrics: “What I’ve learned is so vital, more than just survival; this is my revival.”

2. “Kill ‘Em With Kindness”

This song describes how even when the world is a terrible place and people are being horrible, you should remain kind. Rather than fighting to prove a point, sometimes it’s better to be the bigger person and stick to being kind. There’s some dance-y music breaks and a whistling tune in the background, keeping the song lighthearted and fun.

Best lyrics: “Your lies are bullets, your mouth’s a gun.”

3. “Hands to Myself”

Gomez’s vocals are a sultry whisper throughout the majority of the song, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention. She talks about how everything, like doubts and outburst and metaphors, come together to make this person so irresistible she can’t keep her hands off of him.

Best lyrics: “The doctors say you’re no good, but people say what they want to say.”

4. “Same Old Love”

This upbeat, angry song has an old vibe to it. Gomez describes being fed up with relationships that don’t work. Love is personified as a villain, making her feel used, torn apart, and brokenhearted. She’s over this type of love and ready to move on to something better.

Best lyrics: “So don’t you try and change your mind, ‘cause I won’t be changing, too.”

5. “Sober”

This by far is one of the most honest songs Gomez has ever released. The song describes the story of a couple that’s stuck in an unhealthy relationship that neither person can seem to leave. The partner only shows love when under the influence. Instead of leaving, Gomez’s character questions why the relationship has to be this way.

Best lyrics: “You’re like a wasted dream.”

6. “Good For You”

The title pretty much describes the message of the song: wanting to look good for someone. There’s also mention of how Gomez doesn’t want her partner to leave because she’ll never leave them. It’s a sensual song with quiet vocals and even a rap from A$AP Rocky.

Best lyrics: “I’m on my marquise diamonds, I’m a marquise diamond.”

7. “Camouflage”

After years, Gomez finally released another piano ballad. It’s a narrative about driving away from a relationship gone wrong. Gomez doesn’t recognize the person she’s with, saying he must have changed. Although it’s nice to see him, it’s not the same and she has to leave. The piano is the driving force of this song, along with soft, sweet vocals, making for an honest and vulnerable finish.

Best lyrics: “You were mine just yesterday, now I have no idea who you are, it’s like you camouflage.”

8. “Me and the Rhythm”

Who needs love when you have a good rhythm, whatever that rhythm may be. This a song to dance to and have fun with, with melodic changes and interesting vocal choices.

Best lyrics: “I can feel our young blood race through cityscapes.”

9. “Survivors”

This song is a wild-anthem type of song. It sounds like it was made in nature. The anthemic qualities come out in the lyrics, telling a story of overcoming hardships. There’s a sense of unity as Gomez sings, “we are survivors of the wild,” showing how we’re all together when it comes to overcoming obstacles and coming out stronger.

Best lyrics: “You built me from a broken heart with bricks you made from broken parts.”

10. “Body Heat”

Spanish influences come out in the music of this song, specifically the guitar-driven verses. Throughout the song, Gomez sings about wanting and needing to feel this guy’s body heat through heated words like flames, kerosene, burning, and melting under the sun.

Best lyrics: “Like a diamond, I need a little pressure.”

11. “Rise”

Gomez takes the listener to church in this empowering song, singing of a higher power and finding the strength within. Gomez reiterates the theme of “Kill ‘Em With Kindness,” singing about ignoring those who try to bring you down. She reminds the listener that they’re strong and can rise above anything.

Best lyrics: “Like the air you can rise from the rubble with your mind, you can hover.”

12. “Me and My Girls”

This is a song to blast on a night out. It’s about girl empowerment and how sticking by your girls is better than any guy. In this song, Gomez says she doesn’t need a man because she and her girls can do anything they want without anyone’s, especially a man’s, help.

Best lyrics: “I’m going home with who I came with and who I came with’s not you.”

13. “Nobody”

This song is where some of the R&B vibes come out as a story is told about how no one else can love Gomez they way this person does. She says no one will ever come close to this person because they were the best. Gomez uses some of her higher vocal register to admit this story through a repetitive chorus and some vocal licks.

Best lyrics: “No oxygen, can barely breathe. My darkest sin, you raised release.”

14. “Perfect”

Pretty music is used to mask the darkness of the lyrics in this song. Gomez knows her partner has been cheating. Instead of breaking up with him or being upset, she wants to know how she can be like the girl he’s cheating on her with. She assumes the girl is irresistible and perfect. Gomez wants to be that so everything can be right again in her relationship.

Best lyrics: “I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips.”

“Revival” is now available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play, along with free listening on Spotify.
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