Secrets For My Hair and Skin Routine
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Secrets For My Hair and Skin Routine

These are some ways I keep my hair and skin health

Secrets For My Hair and Skin Routine

My Beauty Secrets for Hair and Face

I love my hair so I try to do as many things I can to keep it healthy! Some people ask me what I do to keep my face so soft and nice looking. These are some of my secrets for my hair and skin:

1. Washing Hair

When you take a shower don’t always wash it when you take a shower. You are stripping away the natural oils from your hair which is bad.

2. Conditioning

I don’t always use shampoo when I shower because it makes my hair more tangle. I use a lot of conditioner to get out all of the knots. I condition it, run my fingers through my hair, and then let it sit. Just depends on how bad and knotted my hair is I leave it in longer. The max time I have left it sitting was about 15 minutes.

3. Combing

After I rinse my hair out and I towel dry it. (I never scrunch up my hair!) I let it sit for a few minutes in the towel. I brush it out with a comb. I never use the Synthetic Bristle Brush or Paddle Brushes I try to use any comb or the Vented Brush. After I have brushed it once then I wrap it up in a towel again. Let my hair sit for 5 minutes then I comb it out again.

4. Heat

I always try to stay away from any heat sources. I never hair dry my hair because that is also harmful. I love to straighten my hair but it is stripping away the oils and chemicals from my hair. When I do want to straighten my hair, I used so much heat protection. The one I always used was Garnier Fructis Style Sleek.

5. Straightener

I found a straightener that changed my life. It’s called PYT. It does not use as much heat than a normal straightener. The man who sold it to me said that I never have to use any heat protection when I want to straighten it.

6. Water

When I am rinsing out my hair or washing it I have to water on a colder temperature. I read somewhere that this helps your hair. I don’t know why or how it helps but I have noticed it made my hair softer.

7. Closing Pours

I love taking hot showers more than anything. Hot water opens pours so before I finish every shower I turn the water to cold so I can close my pours again. This also helps your hair and health.

8. Face Masks

I have never used face masks before I came to college. I have noticed a big change from my face. I do not get zits that often but with all of the stress college has created my face has been breaking out. But these face masks have been helping with my break outs way more. I usually do a face mask about once or twice a week.

9. Stay Hydrated!

This is an obvious one. Drinking water is amazing for your skin. Drink a lot of water and try to stay away from soda.

10. Vitamins

There are many vitamins that help hair growth. Biotin will help your hair grow and give it a fuller look. I am hopefully going to start using Sugar Bear Hair. Sugar Bear Hair is mainly made up of vitamins.

11. Moisturize

Before I go to bed I almost always put lotion on my face! Since the weather is getting cold my face gets very ashy. Moisturizing gives you a glow.

I love trying new ideas to make my hair and face very healthy!

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