The Seahawks WILL NOT Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks
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The Seahawks WILL NOT Be As Bad As Everyone Assumes

Contrary to popular belief, the Seahawks aren't dead and should still compete for the playoffs.

The Seahawks WILL NOT Be As Bad As Everyone Assumes

Can you smell it? Oh yes, what a glorious smell it is. Breathe it in, friends, because that's the smell of football in the air and it's back! Of course, with football being back meant our beloved Seattle Seahawks have also returned.

There's been a lot of negativity from fans and the media these past few months about the Seahawks. Plenty of talk about missing the playoffs again, losing records, and even potentially being a top three pick in next year's draft.

We've all heard the chatter. "They've lost too many people on defense! Their line stinks! The division is too tough, they're going to be a 4th place team! They'll be 4-12 at best. This is the end of good Seahawk teams" and yada yada yada.

Poppycock, I say. Hogwash. Balderdash. Needless drivel that amounts to a big ole pile of malarkey and other nonsensical words.

With people being too busy writing Seattle's obituary, they seem to have forgotten this is mostly the exact same team which was only a handful of shanked field goals from 11-5, perhaps even 12-4, and hosting a playoff game instead of narrowly missing it. This is also mostly the same team which controlled the eventual Super Bowl Champion Eagles in a 24-10 victory in December.

My point is that the Seahawks are better than a lot of people think. They will absolutely be in the playoff hunt, and here are the reasons why.

1. Russell Wilson

Name the last time a team with a current top-five quarterback playing healthy went 4-12? What about a losing season? It just doesn't happen in today's NFL. And yes, Wilson is absolutely a top-five quarterback. If you don't believe it then you clearly haven't been paying attention to football these last three years or are being willfully ignorant.

Last season Wilson led the League in touchdown passes with 34, set an NFL record by accounting for 86% of Seattle's total offense, set another NFL record by throwing 19 fourth quarter touchdown passes, and was the Seahawks leading rusher by roughly 300 yards.

Wilson has shown he has the ability to completely take over games to secure a victory, and very well could for a few in 2018.

2. The offensive line will be better

Saying the Seahawks have a bad offensive line has become commonplace these last few years, and with good reason. However, there is a reason to believe this unit will actually be improved. Gone is longtime line coach Tom Cable, and back with Mike Solari. Solari is returning to the Northwest as a Seahawks coach for the first time since 2008 and has a ringing endorsement from Hall of Fame left tackle Walter Jones.In limited action during the Seahawks' 19-17 preseason loss to the Colts, the line looked clearly better. Wilson was throwing in a clean pocket, and the running backs had wide open holes to smash through. Now, they won't be an elite line, but having solid players like Duane Brown and D.J. Fluker to anchor it down will make this group decent. Quite frankly, that's all they need to be. Wilson has already thrived in spite of poor offensive lines, there's no telling what he could do with an average one.

3. No Sherman, no Chancellor, no problem?

Part of what is driving the narrative of Seattle going under is the high profile departures of Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril. While Seattle will look to find a replacement for Bennett's production, it's important to remember they played the second half of the season without Sherman and Chancellor, and without Avril since week four.

Aside from the abomination that was the Rams game, the Seahawks defense still managed to play well. They held the Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliott to only 12 points off field goals in Dallas and they shut down Philadelphia's high-flying offense to only 10 points.

Perennial defensive player of the year candidate Bobby Wagner still patrols the middle of the field. Safety Bradley McDougald is wicked underrated. Defensive end Frank Clark has led the Seahawks in sacks the last two years, and rookie defensive end Rasheem Green has potential to be a force.

The current lack of Earl Thomas due to holdout is concerning, but I believe he will play for the Seahawks this season. Seattle has made it clear they're not going to trade him for a bag of peanuts just to get him off their books, and Thomas will have to play if he wants to get paid.

The only point I didn't touch on was the topic of the division as a whole. The NFC West looks to be the most competitive on paper, but I have some thoughts on that which I will save for another day.

But for now, let us revel in the fact the greatest sport on Earth has returned and so have the Seahawks. Win, lose, or tie, as always, Go Hawks.

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