It was a summer not too long ago, the dry heat cooked the crisp morning air. As the sun began to rise, the clouds slipped away, and the ambience of the day began to ease in. The seagulls croaked their ugly cries as they swooped down from the pale blue sky. The waves crashed violently onto the shore. In the distance, there was a boat which passed along every morning, its sails worn and warped. The smell of salt filled the air and the sound of a purple flag fluttering in the air rustled in the distance, a warning sign perhaps.

Off in the distance was a girl of frail stature, her eyes worn, and her brow tightly furrowed. Her skin was pale and ashen compared to the sand and her body weak compared to the waves which rushed against her feet. She searched for something only she could see. Her tired brown eyes were affixed on the ground beneath her feet as she sifted through the sand, searching for something. Every passing wave revealed more, her eyes brightened looking for more. Disappointment showed on her face, as the jewel she found, green and misplaced slipped from her grip and went back into the sand. Again, she grazed the clumps of wet sand with nimble fingers, with patience on her face as the waves began to pull away revealing her lost treasure in the sand.

Her prize was green and smooth to the touch, where edges once rough, now appeared beaten. Her tired eyes began to glisten, and a smile crept on her forlorn face. She found her missing piece. She ran her fingers along its worn curves, admiring the sea's craftsmanship. It was roughly three inches in diameter and had a unique ocular appearance. As she held and turned it over in her hands, her imagination began to run through all of its possible uses. At first, she thought, it could be a monocle or an eye-patch. Or a lens to use for guiding ants. These were both silly of course for there were no ants at the beach and no use for a lens through which someone could actually see. However, given her surroundings, she arrived at a satisfactory use of her weathered jewel.

She began by mixing clumps of drenched sand with the parched sands that laid just beyond the reach of the sea. With each subsequent addition, her creation began to take shape. As she returned towards the sea she watched as the sailboat continued bobbing in the open water. With her tower nearly finished, she used her piece's green edges to carve into her structure. She shallowed out a home at the top of her obelisk, and once satisfied she affixed her gem upon its thrown. As the tide brought in the sailing boat, the little girl waved at the voyager and her lighthouse glinted beside her.