Top 5 Things To Come Out Of Comic-Con
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Top 5 Things To Come Out Of Comic-Con

We got some news to get us hyped up for movies as Aquaman opens the flood gates!


Even though Comic-Con began as a fan of comics gathering once a year to discuss the world of comics, it has turned into a pop culture phenomenon that engulfs people and their lives, including mine. Comic-Con is one of my favorite times of the year. We usually get news about movies and some about comics that keep me occupied for a good while. However, movies, as usual, seemed to dominate this year with some awesome stuff! So let's cut the chit-chat and get to the best 5 things that emerged from Comic-Con! I want to throw out two honorable mentions that didn't make the list, mainly because we have so little information for one and the other isn't movie related.

Honorable mentions! Wonder Woman 84!!!

'Wonder Woman: 84' has been in production for a month and will be premiering next November. The only thing we know is that Gal Gadot is no doubt returning to the role alongside Chris Pine and newcomer Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, our villian.

Second honorable mention! Star Wars: The Clone Wars!!!

CLONE WARS IS COMING BACK! This is probably my favorite announcement coming out of Comic-Con. Disney is finally starting to give fans what they want and they're starting exactly where they should. We are getting one "final" season for the show since it was cancelled about 5 years ago. It will be premiering on the Disney streaming service in 2019.

Numba 5!!! Venom!

While not officially released yet, Sony revealed a new 'Venom' trailer to its audience. It is reported that it showed a better version of our titular anti-hero, and the villain, Riot. This will basically be a monster film from the comic book world. The director confirmed that there will not be any superheros in the film, so that "means" no Spider-Man. The trailer has some great shots but the dialog left a lot to be desired. Tom Hardy is reported to play Venom for three movies, but lets see if Sony can get the first on off the ground first. 'Venom' releases on Oct. 5th.

Numba 4! Fantastic Beasts! 

Warner Bros. revealed their Comic-Con styled trailer, which is usually 3-4 minutes of jammed pack action to pump you up for the movie. The trailer actually looks really good, I'll be attending the premiere of this film to get the review on track. Turns out Dumbledore is using Newt Scamander to find the villain Johnny Depp! Wait, nope...Grindelwald. I'm just excited to see Dumbledore in his prime. It's gonna be like seeing Yoda move around 30 years before 'The Empire Strikes Back', except we won't need CGI to see him move like a younger guy. 'Crimes of Grindelwald' releases on Nov. 16th.

Numba 3! Godzilla!

When asked 'Who is the best movie monster of all time?' your mind probably goes to Godzilla, if not, this movie will attempt to prove you wrong. The Godzilla movie from 2014 was good but could've been better. While being the main draw of audiences, Godzilla had close to 10 solid minutes of screen time out of a 2 hour movie. Even when he was on screen, there wasn't much you could see cause the sets were either so dark or had a lot of smoke floating around. I hope they learned their lesson and just give us some monster movie action! 'Godzilla: King of Monsters releases May 31st.

Numba 2! Shazam! 

Did you like the movie 'Big' with Tom Hanks? Now, do you want to see it in the superhero world? Whether you want it or not, its coming and it looks charming! Seeing a kid who can turn into a superhero at will, will no doubt be a film that we can all get behind. DC's track record has been really spotty the past few years, hopefully they have learned (for the third time) and deliver a film that will not only smash the box office, but give us another hero that we can all love. SHAZAM! opens April 5th.

Numba 1! Aquaman! 

Of course the King of the Seven Seas made it to the top! Everyones favorite beef cake from 'Game of Thrones', 'Conan', and 'Justice League' (sorry Henry Cavil) returns to Atlantis in order to unite the different peoples of this world. James Wan seems to be a no nonsense kind of guy when it comes to studio interaction. Meaning that I don't believe that this film will suffer what every film except 'Wonder Woman' suffered, studio executives coming in and cutting up the film to match their agenda. Will the King of Atlantis rule the box office? That remains to be seen. Also, shout out to Jasons biggest fan, Sunni! Bet you're hyped. Aquaman opens Dec. 21st.

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