On the night of June 22, the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced a grave injustice. She was refused service from a private establishment, a restaurant in Virginia known as the Red Hen. The owner asked her to leave because they did not agree with the policies of the current administration. And so the Sanders family left hungry. What a terrible travesty, a stain on our great nation.

Should a private business have the right to deny services to someone based on their political alignment?

It's not illegal, but as we all know, not every law is just. But, if you can deny services to someone based on their sexual orientation in the United States, why not their political orientation? Does the same reasoning not apply? The business owners find the views of the consumer to be morally egregious, so they can deny the consumer their services. The difference is that Sanders is actually upholding immoral policies. Not to mention political alignment is a choice, unlike sexual orientation.

Should Trump have tweeted about the situation?

In typical Trump fashion, he has managed to make things colossally worse while failing to see the irony of his words. Owners of countless other unaffiliated Red Hen restaurants not in Virginia have received not just bad reviews, but death threats as a result of the situation. Also, maybe reevaluate your restaurants before calling another dirty? If someone is dirty on the outside, they're dirty on the inside?

Political figures should stop using social media to rage tweet about their personal lives.

This is just my personal opinion. It's mostly unprecedented and highly unprofessional (and maybe illegal?) to make the tweets that Sanders and Trump made. Maybe Trump needs to quit his Twitter addiction. Or proofread his tweets. Or fact-check his tweets. Or both. And maybe Sanders should not have made the tweet if she "politely left."