7 Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback
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7 Fashion Trends That Are Making A Serious Comeback, And For Good Reason

Clothing trends come and go in cycles, so don't be afraid to keep your favorite pair of jeans in the back of your closet. You never know when they'll be back in style again!

7 Fashion Trends That Are Making A Serious Comeback, And For Good Reason

Like many things in life, trends, styles, and ideas come and go in cycles. Often times, popular styles that were once "in" decades ago, become revived and renewed years later with new generations. As much as you might not want to believe your mom when she tells you that her favorite Levi Mom Wedgie-Fit jeans are coming back in style, she's probably right. So, maybe tell your mom to keep her old jeans from the 70s and her faux fur jacket because old trends are back and certainly being revived.

Here are some trends that are back on the rise:

1. Bell-bottom jeans

One of the most popular pairs of jeans to wear in the 60s and 70s, bell-bottoms are back on the rise. Often made with denim, bell-bottoms jeans are tighter at the waist and thigh and flare out from the calf to the bottom. Perfect with a pair of wedges in the summer, or booties in the winter.

2. Mom fit jeans

A popular term for high-waisted, sometimes wedgie fit denim pants, these jeans were extremely popular in the 80s and 90s. They were mainly worn by middle-aged women at the time which led to the name "mom jeans." The jeans consist of a high waist that rise over the belly button making your butt look longer, larger, and flatter. They come in many different washes and can even be ripped. This style is definitely coming back, and if you are ever looking for a great authentic pair check out levis.com!

3. Reeboks

Reebok is an English footwear and apparel company that was established in 1958. The company is well known for its signature line of shoes and sportswear apparel. In the 80s and 90s Reeboks were extremely popular sneakers to wear. Today their classic white shoes have come back in style, both low tops, and high tops. Plus, thanks to Gigi Hadid as a Reebok rep joining the company and creating her own line, they have definitely become more popular within the past few years.

4. Jumpsuits

The perfect outfit to dress up or down and one that can be made for almost any occasion. If you are not in the mood to wear a dress, and you don't feel like dressing up a pair of black jeans, a jumpsuit is the perfect answer. And if you are heading out for the day and need a cute and casual outfit, a jumpsuit is easy to throw on and accessorize.

5. Faux fur

Also known as fake fur, faux fur is made from pile fabric, and was engineered to have the appearance and feel of real fur. Today's fake fur was not developed until the 1950s and has been increasingly popular ever since. Faux fur has been extremely popular recently in different styles of jackets, vests, hoods, and scarves.

6. Hoop earrings

Hoops are the simplest piece of jewelry that can change the look of an outfit and have come back in style within the past few years. Once a simple jewelry piece that was commonly worn in the 60s and 70s has now become so popular that they can be seen worn by models on the runway or even casually when out for coffee in the streets. Hoops are definitely back on the rise.

7. Bright neon colors

80s fashion is mainly known for the bright neon colors that were always worn. Green, blue, yellow, orange, and pink in almost any style or article of clothing, shoes, and accessories. This trend has become very popular today and can be seen in bathing suits, sneakers, shirts, sweatshirts, and even accessories. Neon clothes are fun and exciting adding a pop of color to any outfit. If you are looking for a fun and casual way to add some bright colors into your wardrobe, neon colored Adidas shoes are currently up and coming, Kendall Jenner even just released her ad for the newest style of colored Adidas.

Maybe you were once judging your mom for what she was wearing when she was your age, but think twice about it, because those Reebok sneakers, mom jeans, and neon colored clothes she was wearing are back by popular demand. Never be afraid to wear what you feel and like no matter when it was popular because you never know when something will be coming back in style. And if your favorite pair of jeans are not "in" anymore or you are a Julbit tired of them, save them, because in a few years they might be back in style. And who knows, maybe your kid will want to wear them one day.

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