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Big Wednesday, A Tradition You Should Probably Start If You Loved Your High School

Ah, the memories.

Big Wednesday, A Tradition You Should Probably Start If You Loved Your High School
Sarah Richman

After three months away from home your family and friends Thanksgiving finally rolls around, and the reunions finally begin. Whether it's your freshman or senior year of college, you can't wait to get back with the people who have known you the longest.

Imagine this: It's the night before Thanksgiving, and the holiday feelings are kicking in. You dress up in your best outfit excited for whatever is in store for tonight. You and your friends gather at a house, dancing, singing, reminiscing, and drinking. Drunken tears may shed or maybe just screams of pure joy. After a few hours you call your Ubers and head downtown to a bar where you will see everyone you know from those memorable four years, an old best friend, your first kiss, seniors that you remember being so old when you were a freshman. Everyone from our high school gathers in this one bar and it is a high school reunion every year. Nothing compares, we count down the days as soon as the calendar hits November, and the feelings that this night brings are indescribable.

T'was the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the town,

Girls were getting ready with a skirt or a shirt but not a single frown.

Their Makeup was done and so was their hair,

But alcohol was the main thing handled with care

All the girls would dance and sing,

They drank and they chugged, but then ones phone began to ring,

The Uber was there. They laughed as they went,

They sung the whole way, that poor driver; his ears and their scent.

When the car stopped, out they fell,

Already talking about their late night stop at taco bell.

The line was long, but they didn't care if they'd freeze.

Fake I.D.'s in hand and praying, as saying they were 23 was a squeeze.

Familiar faces everywhere; the room was packed.

One held her friend who was most definitely blacked out.

People were talking, dancing and singing and such.

Some you'd say hi to, others not so much.

An annual reunion, where you're bound to have fun,

You laughed and smiled till the night was done.

Oh, how lucky we are to live in a town like this!

Surrounded by memories, friends and family it's truly pure bliss.

Overall, I know I live in a special town, and we carry a bond that not every place has. I look forward to the night before Thanksgiving every year. Even my mom recalls doing it at my age, and I think if she did not have to cook she would be out as well.

~Written with love and appreciation for the one and only Rockville Centre~

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