7 Resolutions We Can Actually Accomplish In 2018

7 Resolutions We Can Actually Accomplish In 2018

Or we can at least try.

With every new year comes resolutions, promises to ourselves we beg ourselves to keep, but usually fail epically in doing so. Every year we want a clean slate, something we can focus on making better throughout the 365 days that lay ahead of us. For me, this is my last year as a teenager, I have exactly 391 days left as a teenager and by the end of 2018, I will be a sophomore in college.

Hopefully, I will have grown from where I am now and hopefully I'll be in a better mental state then I am now. That's my resolution, to become a better artist to have honed into my craft, figure out who I am on a deeper level and making 2018 the year I better myself mentally. But of course, who wouldn't want to be famous, skinner and of course, stick to that diet? Here's a short list of resolutions for 2018 that we can actually keep.

1. Make one resolution

Now, this isn't exactly a resolution, but it is the first guideline in creating a resolution that you can stick to. We often times don't stick to our resolutions because we pack too much on ourselves and we often forget that there will always be obstacles we need to make an effort to move past those obstacles.

2. Eat healthier

Now, this doesn't by any means mean that you will be on a diet, healthier can mean eating a banana for breakfast opposed to a Snickers bar. Not allowing yourself to drink soda at breakfast, something I've learned at college is that kids drink soda at any and all times.

Personally, I stopped eating breadsticks with every meal, because man they are good at my cafe. I allow myself breadsticks at one meal and with all the other sides I eat vegetables. Habits are created with repetition, salad with every meal is good, but why not add another vegetable to it as well, so I do.

3. Feel better, be better

This has been my little motto lately as with my homesickness sinking in from being thousands of miles away from home I made it a goal to find something in my day to be happy or thankful about. Take a picture, write it down in your journal, just find something to be happy about, find something to make you feel better and continue to feel better.

4. Explore and experience all you can

Following the famous cliché, "stop and smell the roses". In the beginning of my first semester of college I would make it a point to go out and find something. I would get lost, and I would find something to come back to. The bean slowly becomes boring when you live in Chicago, but there are some really good restaurants near it as well as a fudge shop.

5. Put your music on shuffle

This most likely sounds ridiculous, but often times we make playlists or only ever listen to the same albums over and over. We get so lost in the repeat button that we forget about all the music on our songs list. Something I've been doing lately is just shuffling all the music I have and seeing what I can find through the shuffle.

Not only this, but listen to something you wouldn't normally. Change your radio station or go to the playlists created on Apple Music, Spotify, create a new station on Pandora, expand your music taste and find something new.

6. Lose weight for you, no one else

It's the classic Resolution, we all want to lose weight and we all have harsh opinions of our bodies. Unfortunately, that's what humans do we knock ourselves down, but if you want to lose weight this year that's fine, but remember this.









7. Validate someone daily

In our society we've gotten into the habit of knocking others down, this has become old and it is now time to spread love instead of hate. This is by far one of the hardest resolutions, but it is important that we treat others with love and make a point to appreciate someone each and every day.

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PSA: Keep Your Body-Negative Opinions Away From Little Girls This Summer

But our own baggage shouldn't be shoved on to those we surround ourselves with.


It's officially swimsuit season, y'all.

The temperature is rising, the sun is bright and shining, and a trip to the beach couldn't look more appealing than it does right now. This is the time of year that many of us have been rather impatiently waiting for. It's also the time of year that a lot of us feel our most self-conscious.

I could take the time to remind you that every body is a bikini body. I could type out how everyone is stunning in their own unique way and that no one should feel the need to conform to a certain standard of beauty to feel beautiful, male or female. I could sit here and tell you that the measurement of your waistline is not a reflection of your worth. I completely believe every single one of these things.

Hell, I've shared these exact thoughts more times than I can count. This time around, however, I'm not going to say all these things. Instead, I'm begging you to push your insecurities to the side and fake some confidence in yourself when you're in front of others.


Because our negative self-image is toxic and contagious and we're spreading this negative thinking on to others.

We're all guilty of this, we're with family or a friend and we make a nasty comment about some aspect of our appearance, not even giving a single thought to the impact our words have on the person with us. You might think that it shouldn't bother them- after all, we're not saying anything bad about them! We're just expressing our feelings about something we dislike about ourselves. While I agree that having conversations about our insecurities and feelings are important for our mental and emotional health, there is a proper and improper way of doing it. An open conversation can leave room for growth, acceptance, understanding, and healing. Making a rude or disheartening remark about yourself is destructive not only to yourself, but it will make the person you are saying these things around question their own self worth or body image by comparing themselves to you.

My little sister thinks she's "fat." She doesn't like how she looks. To use her own words, she thinks she's "too chubby" and that she "looks bad in everything."

She's 12 years old.

Do you want to know why she has this mindset? As her older sister, I failed in leading her by example. There were plenty of times when I was slightly younger, less sure of myself, and far more self-conscious than I am now, that I would look in the mirror and say that I looked too chubby, that my body didn't look good enough, that I wished I could change the size of my legs or stomach.

My little sister had to see the older sibling she looks up to, the big sis she thinks always looks beautiful, say awful and untrue things about herself because her own sense of body image was warped by media, puberty, and comparing herself to others.

My negativity rubbed off onto her and shaped how she looks at herself. I can just imagine her watching me fret over how I look thinking, "If she thinks she's too big, what does that make me?"

It makes me feel sick.

All of us are dealing with our own insecurities. It takes some of us longer than others to view ourselves in a positive, loving light. We're all working on ourselves every day, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. But our own baggage shouldn't be shoved on to those we surround ourselves with, our struggles and insecurities should not form into their own burdens.

Work on yourself in private. Speak kindly of yourself in front of others. Let your positivity, real or not, spread to others instead of the bad feelings we have a bad habit of letting loose.

The little girls of the world don't need your or my negative self-image this summer. Another kid doesn't need to feel worthless because we couldn't be a little more loving to ourselves and a lot more conscious of what we say out loud.

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5 Things I'm Going To Do To Better Myself This Summer

Every summer I tell myself that I'm going to make a change, but this summer is when I'm finally going to do it.


After years and years of telling myself that I was going to have a summer "transformation", I finally committed myself to it this summer. This school year was a bit rough to say the least. I was sick for six months, in the hospital for a few weeks, my identity was stolen, and I was ghosted by eight different guys... Yeah, you heard me. Eight. So as you can see, my year was a bit shitty. But it took all of that to finally make me buckle down and want to make a change in my life. It's about time that I focus on my mental and physical health and I've never been more ready. Here are 5 of the things I'm going to do this summer to better myself:

1. Kick box

Last summer I started kick-boxing and it is one of the hardest workouts I've completed. Not only was I in the best shape of my life for a couple months last summer, but it also improved my mental health drastically. It gave me an outlet to channel all of my negative energy whether it was in the heat of the moment or if it had building up inside me for months. After the tragedies of this school year, I am more than ready to get back into the gym and get all of my energy out. Not only will I be in great shape again, but my mental health is sure to get back on track in no time.

2.  Practice yoga

Over the years I have dabbled in yoga, but this summer I really want to focus on my practice. I've considered buying a yoga membership but those can get quite expensive, so I'm going to resort to YouTube to practice yoga about 5 times a week. This will not only improve my mental health but also improve my physical health and give me some designated time each day to devote to working on myself in all aspects.

3. Paint and draw

In the past, painting and drawing has been another outlet that I've channeled my bottled up energy. Whenever I've gone through a breakup or had a falling out with a friend, I painted and used my emotion to inspire art from the root of my feelings. The art that I produce when I'm feeling down is some of the best artwork that I create, but if I get in the regular practice of painting, I will have another outlet to channel my energy and focus on the promotion of creativity and mental health. Not to mention, I might have some really cute room decor by the end of the summer.

4. Write

Now I am a writing major, but sometimes I find myself in a rut. However, whenever I get ghosted or whenever I feel self conscious I am completely inspired. I am full of words and thoughts and feelings and there is no better way to channel those thoughts than by putting them down on paper. Getting those thoughts out and making them tangible is a great way to relieve stress and promote good mental health and I plan to focus on that this summer. This will help me to better myself, but also will allow me to enlarge my portfolio, helping me develop professionally in the process.

5. Go to therapy

Last summer I attended therapy quite regularly in the month of August due to my binge eating being at its worst, but I wish I'd attended therapy all summer to help keep things in regulation. This summer I plan to attend therapy every other week, not due to any particular reason, but rather to practice good mental health on a biweekly basis and to be prepared in case of a flare up or an unexpected event. Going to therapy is perfectly normal and healthy and is quite beneficial when it comes to improving mental health and self awareness. I plan to really tackle this this summer in order to ensure a mentally healthy summer and the start of a healthy and happy school year next fall.

I know it's hard to buckle down and tell yourself that you're going to make a change, but I highly encourage you to try it this summer. Even if you only last a week, you still dedicated a week to trying to better yourself and that says a lot. Try kick-boxing or yoga or painting or whatever helps you focus and channel your energy. Even if it's a small start, it's better than nothing, and I guarantee you'll be thanking yourself at the end of the summer.

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