Recognizing Your Toxic Behaviors Is The First To Changing
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Recognizing Your Toxic Behavior Is Only The First Step To Healing

Everyone makes mistakes, and that's OK.

Recognizing Your Toxic Behavior Is Only The First Step To Healing

Everyone messes up sometimes. There is no one alive that has never acted upon an emotion that they shouldn't have. As humans, we feel things and we shouldn't be sorry for feeling things.

Jealousy and anger are normal human emotions. They're only a problem when your actions start being dictated by whether or not you feel those emotions.

If your jealousy affects your partner, they deserve to know. If you're angry at them, you can either tell them and ask for an apology or you can get over it. Sitting on your anger and letting it bubble up only hurts everyone in the situation.

Introspection is hard.

I'm the worst at admitting that I'm wrong. I hate saying sorry and I always have. But, I'm getting better at it. I have more pride than most people and it has driven many situations. If I had simply swallowed my pride and admitted my feelings or said sorry, so many issues would have been fixed.

Instead, I chose to hide my feelings and not be vulnerable. I've lost friends, relationships and gotten into so many fights because of that. I refused to admit that I was wrong or I did something wrong and ended up hurting people. That's been a harsh reality to accept, but I forgave myself a long time ago.

No one's perfect. Just because we do bad things doesn't mean we're bad people.

Making mistakes is what makes us human. Don't start hating yourself because you did something wrong. Pick yourself up, apologize and move on.

It's easier than it sounds, but even being conscious of your toxic behaviors and being able to identify them is a step in the right direction. Once you know what they are, start trying to identify what causes them.

Are they triggered by an event from your past? Is there an underlying issue? Do you have control over these situations?

Above all, know that your feelings are valid.

Whoever you are, whatever you feel is valid. You deserve happiness and I believe in constant improvement to become the best version of you. Everyone is always changing. Along our journeys, we'll all make mistakes.

Of course, we'll want others to forgive us, but we should always remember to forgive ourselves first. You should be your first priority.

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