We live in a day and age where everyone is so media-focused. So much time is spent on our phones or computers, scrolling through social media or searching the internet. So much time is spent in an electronic world, as opposed to the real world. Media is turning into something we cannot live without, even shown through how Instagram went down for a day and it was all everyone could talk about.

It seems as though everything we do is becoming focused on how it is reflected online. Everyone is so concerned with their online presence that they are leaving their life in the real world behind. It is time that we stop putting so much importance on how our lives look online and start putting more importance on living our own lives regardless of how others may view us.

We are all living a life unique to our own personal wants and needs. Social media is something that can seriously make us questions about who we are and what we want to be doing. The pressure that the media makes us put on ourselves is so unhealthy that it is becoming a modern-day obsession. Everyone is so concerned about the image they are putting out on social media and may be neglecting their experiences in the real world.

Constantly viewing how others are living and comparing ourselves to them sets unrealistic expectations for ourselves. What people choose to put on social media is never the full story, and there will always be things going on behind closed doors. We need to turn the focus we are putting on comparing ourselves to others and rather focus on living our best lives. Social media and the fulfillment we receive from it is only temporary, but real-life experiences will be carried with us throughout the rest of our lives.

Society needs to stop being so concerned with how we present ourselves online. This obsession is going too far and may get in the way of us making memories that will last a lifetime.