7 Productive Things You Can Do Literally Right Now

We've all have a few hours where nothing was urgent. Maybe we spent it watching Netflix, shopping online, on Youtube, or even scrolling mindlessly through our social media. There are things that we can do in our spare time that better us and -news flash- not all of them are boring.

Start on your next week's homework.


You have a syllabi from each class. You know what's next. Get started on it.

Go running


Running has many benefits. Even if you start with walking, it's better than being idol.

Drink Water


You are literally about 70% water. Your body needs it for everything that you do. You'll feel more rested and have better concentration rates if you're better hydrated. Also, those pimples you have are no match for daily cups of water.

Increase your Vocabulary


This is not to impress anyone. This is just to contribute to your own personal evolution. Learning new words could help your essays or help you communicate in a professional setting better. At the very least, it'll stop those moments where you're asking yourself "What's the word?"

Reconnect with Someone


Is there a good friend in your life that you just haven't spoken to in a while? Maybe you live too far way to go meet with them, but having a phone conversation could brighten their week as much as it would your own.

Delete Clutter from your Phone


I'm sure we all know someone with way too many pictures and screen shots that they don't need. Or maybe we know a person whose phone is loaded with apps the never use. And yes, that person is always us. Clean up your phone.

Start a New Netflix Show


We all have a moment to spare for a good Netflix show that will make us laugh, tug at our heartstrings, or teach us something we don't realize we needed to know. Here is a good list of critically acclaimed shows.

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