The Drive We All Take Due To The Pressures Of This Generation

Comparison. We all compare ourselves to other people based on the "norms" that we think have the power to control our minds and perceptions of the world around us. This could be a positive thing to speed up growth, yet it could also be negative due to always wanting something that we clearly don't have. Obtaining greatness could be defined in so many ways based on what we want to do within our own lives and how we want our own journeys to start and end. Yet when we embark on our personal routes, we still somehow compare ourselves to other people and how they are walking their own lives.

As I step into my early 20's, I want to be able to drive at my own speed and block out all of the other people on the road. Doing things at my own pace is going to be the most crucial aspect of my life in order to find happiness. Don't we all want to be happy? If I'm able to work with myself on my own terms, I don't have to answer to anyone else's timeline. This in itself could make me a much happier person, but where does my fight come from? As much as we deny it, everyone always gets pissed off when cars pass them. I want to get to a place where that doesn't matter and I can truly go at my own speed.

The more we focus on the drive itself versus the actual speed, the less we will be concerned about all of the other things that could be negatively impacting our lives. Sometimes I tend to need to break down all of my thoughts in order to separate the good and the bad of what could possibly be bothering me. I need to think about my car but also what's in the way of me going full speed or why I'm only staying within the speed limit. This is mostly fear, being scared of exceeding the limit and jumping to something horrible happening. I've always wanted to be the person who hits the gas and squeals out of happiness that I'm going so fast and nothing could possibly bother me. But that's just not me and that's okay.

I have to think about where I'm going and how my speed has gone up or down in order to drive properly as I've been taught. It's the days that I don't know my next move that make me think even more. Those are the days that I'm thankful for because I don't have to listen to anyone else on the road, it's solely myself and my decision where I go next. The lost days are the days that I'm mostly found mentally and physically. I'll always be thankful for the days that I don't know where I'm going because they lead me more towards thinking about where I can go.

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