Posts Every Girl Has On Her Finsta
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Posts Every Girl Has On Her Finsta

And if you don't, you definitely know someone who does.

Posts Every Girl Has On Her Finsta
Phoebe Weisheyer

It starts out as a normal, extra account for all of your closest friends, and next thing you know you're saving every artsy streaks pic, every mirror selfie, and more crying pics than ever to post for 100+ people.

That's right. You've been sucked into, "The Finsta Bubble," a world that's supposed to be as real as it gets but, in reality, is probably a fake disaster. We're all different but somehow follow a similar theme of posts, let me break it down for you.

The profession of love to all their followers

I mean, thanks girl that I only follow because I saw you on a friend of a friend's cousin's post of y'all at a party and just wanted to know the deets. Love you too! #girlpower

The 7 part birthday posts

Now that Instagram has that swipe option, people go crazy on birthdays. It's just post after post of weird pictures and videos without any context at all. I don't even know the birthday girl, but I think I'm going to request to follow her too.

"You're lucky if you're still here in the morning" post

Let's be real, this was just to give one or two people a heads up. The other 124 of us are still here in the AM.

A plethora of pics that "aren't good enough for the main, so I'll post them here lol"

They all look the same as ones that are already posted on your main but go off sis.

The break

The typical "social media break" post. Been there, done that, but really didn't do it because you were either gone for no more than 48 hours or just stayed logged in but acted as a ghost. The finsta is addictive. How can I go about my day without knowing what Jessica's boyfriend did to upset her today?

Super dramatic crying selfies

Deep down, we all need a little extra love every now and then. What better way to get it than taking a mini shoot mid-mental breakdown and posting it to your exclusive insta? In 6 months, we're gonna look back and think, "what was I even crying about?" because it was probably nothing at all.

The "come to Jesus" moment

All of a sudden a long, sappy, religious post shows up in your feed, typically from the girl you'd both most likely and somehow also least likely expect it from. You know they just got caught sneaking out or tried to steal back their Juul, and now they're a changed woman. And hey girl power to ya, but we all know what post will probably come next...

The "good girls gone bad" post

Yep, you guessed it. Her head is probably back over a toilet or she's laid up with that guy she swore she was done with for good. Are we even surprised? Nope. But we're here with you for the ride, rooting for you either way.

And if you went all the way to the beginning and scrolled back up, you'd probably see how quickly they got a bit too comfortable in the finsta-verse

Not about one specific post but it's pretty self-explanatory. Do it to your own finsta; you'd be surprised how fast you got sucked in.

At the end of the day, we've all posted a few things we wish we didn't, way too many crying selfies, and were at times probably a little too fake, but no judgment. The finsta world is all one we have navigated together, as strange as it is. And don't get me wrong, a good bit of it probably is real (TOO real) but who are we kidding, it's still social media. You just can't have all 118 of your most trustworthy friends knowing all your darkest secrets. But don't worry, we all understand because we've all been there. Keep on keepin' on, I'm only following because I'm nosy anyway. Xoxo!

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