The "Political" Hall of Fame: Inaugural Edition
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Politics and Activism

The "Political" Hall of Fame: Inaugural Edition

My favorite political leaders of all time.

The "Political" Hall of Fame: Inaugural Edition

The political nerd in me is going to be in full force over the next few weeks. I am going to create the "Political" Hall of Fame. These are the people who I feel have had the greatest impact on the world today. They have impacted me. This isn't about being a politician, but about being a change for the good and betterment of all people.

1. Jimmy Carter- inaugural member, U.S. President 1976-1980, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2002

From the Carter Center

This is already a controversial pick, but I believe as a politician you should do two things: stand up for your beliefs and keep the courage of your convictions in the face of much criticism. Carter is the embodiment of that. He is the type of politician that I want to be. Somebody who has a strong moral compass and who is willing stand up for their politics in the face of being weak and ineffective now he is revered as a main of faith and a humanitarian. Someone whose politics and record I can hope to emulate.

2. Otto von Bismarck- inaugural member, Chancellor of Prussia/Germany 1862-1890, Foreign Minister of Prussia 1862-1890


He is the founder of the modern German state and probably the greatest diplomat and statesman in the history of the world. He was so successful in gaining a German state. Prussia defeated Denmark, Austria, and the France in three successful summer wars and were able to secure peace on the European continent until 1914 when World War I broke out. He did this by believing that Germany could be powerful but also assuring Great Britain, Russia, and Italy they would not be aggressive against them. He also was able to deny the war hawks and the expansionist portions of the German government at bay and denied them the things that they wanted.

3. Margaret Thatcher - inaugural member, U.K. Prime Minister 1979-1990 Leader of the Conservative Party 1975-1990

From Reuters: Roy Letkey

When we look at the neo-conservative politicians that came from the 1980s, two stand out: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. For me, Margaret Thatcher is more impressive because she became the first woman ever to be the head of a party and she also became consequently the first woman to be the Prime Minister in Great Britain. She brought growth to the United Kingdom economically and while I disagree with some of her views, what is most important was that her policies worked. She held the courage of her convictions.

4. Mahatma Gandhi- inaugural member, civil rights activist, Leader of the Indian independence movement


A man who’s death stopped him from gaining what he deserved, the Nobel Peace Prize, fought for peace and justice for the better part of 40 years. Whether it was fighting for the rights of minorities in South Africa, forcing Great Britain to grant independence, or even wanting the Muslims in India being treated fairly after independence he chose to fight for peace. The fight for peace and the fight for the political rights for the people of India makes him the greatest activist in human history. He was also an influence on the next and final member on our list.

5. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - inaugural member, Civil Rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1963

From Huffington Post

While Dr. King lived a short life of 39 years, his impact is felt all across the world. He lived a life of peace, nonviolence, understanding, but an uncompromising belief in the ideals that all people should be treated equally. He believed that we should all have the moral courage stand up for our fellow man. There is no place for being moderate when it comes to human rights and civil rights. Dr. King is a giant of a man who was not passive or compliant with the establishment, but who challenge the status quo in his own unique way. There is no doubt the Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the greatest Americans if not the greatest American who ever lived.

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